Friday, July 9, 2021

update on jack ma

 whatever ups and downs of j ma, worldrecordjobs.com will always rank him in top 10 - if you ae a fan with good news rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

what few people dispute is

from around age 11 to 31 (1995) he became one of china's most massive english teachers- living in possibly the first designated tourist tow hangzhou famous 700 years earlier as marco polo's fav market town- in the old world of the 13th century there were 2 places to ship trade - round the med sea eg see venice; starting at hangzhou which was at one end of the world's largest canal to beijing, an an inland river town sail up river hit the sea where shaghsai now stans follow bay north round china korean coastlines as we call the today and from there another 30 miles or so to islandsw of japan

as well as these 2 great shipping trading bays hangzhou represented the eastern end of the overland silk road whose west end was on the medsea lanbridge in asia and to europe and africa depending whether you followed med sea coastline notrh and west or sputh and west

in 1995 ma was hired to do a translation job - his first visit to usa was seattle just as bezos was launching amazon- for the next 24 years ma became one of the worlds 2 greatest market makers; but there was almost nothing in common to the purposes and consequences of bezos and ma

for one thing it would be almost 10 years before any mass of cinese were online

ma found extraordinary partners being inttroduced by taiwan american jerry yang founder of yahoo to japans biggest tech investor masoa soon softback; jack was about maximising jobs; he didnt begin ecommerce by owning stock rather the algorithms for delivery logistivcs including villages and cities

banks in china did not really offewre credit or debit cards - so jck ma leapt ahead with alipay mobile money transactions

by looking at how opposite bezos and ma's ecoomerce development became pretty much every nation has a choce whic sort of model do they want

we have met ying lowrey whose book the alibaba way offers a diary of what happened around jack from 1995 to 2014- she is an interesting lady who stared life as barefoot chinese doctor; spent about 25 years developing small enterpruses in usa; came back to beijing's top university tsinghua found they offered no course on small enterprises; was told to go see jack ma who as head of china rntrepreneu club could share detals on chinas small startup world

anyway in 2017 ma announced he would go bac to teaching dsept 2019- he said with commerce i can impact markets that interest me most education, health, going green, arys soprts

covid and its inteference of the olympics which jack and sofr bank had hoped to make the biggest asia social sdialogue to start 2020s have turned many of jack ma's partnerships upside down trump's decoupling of china has led china to reciprocate in terms of reducing which chinese tech companies have an american listing

ma is working away on village schools ; and training youh entrepreneus across africa; he has huge investments in cloud and i platforms as ways to gravitate tech wizards- if youth ever do become the sustainability generation - dont be surprsed if mapops up again

as i say positve news jack ma always welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk the 3 ties i have seen him present to 2000 audiences at new york UN, AT DETROIT AND TORONTO - everyone seemed to gain more innovatio0n insights per minute than any other presenter i have seen life- what a teacher

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