Friday, December 27, 1996

1996 poortech

mobiles were first brough to bangaldesh violaages in 1996 with extraordinary good and bad ersults in frst 25 yeras of partebrs experimet

\good is www.blash.com
bad is how much mannual microfimace community networks have been ipo'd as they needed funds to gtransition to hi=tech as well as low-tech wporld all at teh same time

see also 1995 - edutech and developmenttech 2.1 back from the future of 2025-2020

see also 1995
at the digitalcooperation hub whose first un report will be laumched march 2019 you have opportunity tpo question what would happen if each of 20 experts like medlinda gates or jack was able to inspire all of 20205-2020's tech to maximise sustainability gaols linking in the very poorest

for example if jack ma's number 1 R&D partnership network i\s dmao - what isit that workers at damo know that connectts with  -if the world number 1 female livelihoids educator sir fazle abed was given a tour of damo what questions would he ask jack ma first