Tuesday, July 31, 2018

what is loveq

when you think a minute why is it natiual to believe our world should be ruled by IQ (intelligent quota) and not Loveq

a wide definition of iq might be tests which see if yiou know it all on subjects that only ahve one answer- this used to be important in days when for example a large country was ruled by bureaucrats who with very poor communications- you needed people who behaved in the same way knowing all the rules

in other words iq ias sbout extreme standardisation

but if you like diversity or appreciate a culture in which a child can grow by exprimenting, you probably diont want people only to have iq

moreover in the 21st century we will soon have more intelligent machines than humans - we need to value what only humans can do - the old idea of memorising facts is the eladst unique thing humans can do- thats what the computer mind s best at

one way to look at loveq is to imagine how to make the most of 1000 human beings all trying to come up with ideas to resolve an urgent communal challenge - the method www.openspaceworld.com is facilitated to create an environment of loveq

Friday, July 27, 2018