Thursday, July 16, 2020

update on where in world value jack ma most

09/10/2019 Jack Ma steps down/Interview with Thomas Friedman
Jack Ma steps down as chairman of Alibaba. What does the future hold for this titan of online retail? Pulitzer Prize winning ...searching jack ma youtubes 1

we first noted ma offering to help youth sdg movements in 2008- a lot has happened since then - after 24 years spent developing be one of the top 2 ecommerce market markets, jack promied to return to education full time sept 2019 - he was vlted onto several un platforms as leading ambassador creating livelihoods around the world and co-chairing digital cooperation repotting with melinda gates - he had also shown us/caaadian cities how to host 3000 people exhibitions on how small enterprrise can digitally value ecommerce - see gateway events 2017

he has already set up
r&d network on ai called damo with about 8 hubs around the worl;d

an apprenticeship business school at hangzhou of un to invite up to 50 youth from any country wanting to develop young ma's

he already had his own concept university and many entrepreneurship funds starting anywhere that people speak both chinese and english - eg hong kong, taiwan

what was really big was whilst g20 gov leader keep to themselves through the year 2015-2016 jac\k's teams spent quality times with the citizen movements see the ewtp publications

in 2020 he's been publishing really useful training curricula - eg the wuhan nurses handbook on frontline mitigation of  the virus

do you know how to play the games of world record jobs creators -

 what happened in the 25 years since jack ma and jeff bezos were co-located in seattle for a few weeks- how different can two richest men in the world lives become even as they both innovate ecommerce on other sides of the world- note how jack has made a galaxy of inspiring partnerships inspiring others- bezos seems to acquire his own pursuits from space to whole foods - i am nit saying one is better given how community life is completely changed by the end of big retail malls families have some sort of right to understand what infrastructure they will be surrounded with next - bezos thumbs down to over 200 cities as never having had a chance as amazon hq 2 candidate merited him sponsoring a curriculum on why different clusters were nkinstarters 0 after all ;public money was used to ;pitch -it didnt have to be that american heartland would be the big loser of the last 25 years of american tech - did it?

the reality of 2020 is if the 20% (on mainland) or the extraordinary 0.3% in hk , taiwan, singapore of humans who are chinese had been as anti-social with their use of tech over last 25 years as the 5% who are americans the world would probably already be beyond healthy or natural repair- young people who speak one of english and chinese need to fiends each other and both learn to come for humanity if there is to be an adg generation

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

is ali helping china's end poverty network blockchian

there were various news headlines on this in 2016 my first year of tracking beijong as the place most ,likely to determine sdgs across nations

there arfe lots of ru,moprs that china kis nearly ready to digitalise the yuan such as tese tioday  but ki am still searching to understand al'ik's latest - a lopts in chiense which i dopnt speak

Blockchain Trials: Digital Yuan & Ant Financial
DiDi, the Chinese equivalent of Uber, is forming a task force to design and implement a trial of China’s CBDC on its transportation platform – potentially reaching 500 million DiDi users. “Under PBoC’s overall DCEP strategy and operation timeline, DiDi’s DCEP taskforce will design and implement pilot DCEP projects in accordance with rigorous safety, security and governance standards,” the firm said. Meanwhile, Shanghai-based Cosco Shipping confirmed it would trial Ant Blockchain, a product of Alibaba subsidiary Ant Financial, to streamline its operations.
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July 8, 2020
By Daniel Kuhn
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