Wednesday, June 30, 2010

EconomistWithoutBorders 1748: Adam Smith questions- how will humans design systems to multiply 7 billion livelihoods sustainably?
ECONOMIST UPDATE: Starting 1972 curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution -to celebrate net generation: explores likelihood that spending 4000 times more on global communications (2030 versus 1946) was ever going to end sustainably for millennials unless...???
help raise open learning questions at family of economistwebs.com (America Asia Africa ChinaYouth Poor Women) of friends of UG Norman Macrae and curiosity blogs like futureofbbc: what is trillion dollar social purpose of world's largest public broadcaster if it helps millennials POP2030now.
norman macrae videos: bbc, eu and 2010 boardroom and grandaughter.
online library of norman macrae--..