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 Altman & Rice last week at Switzerland's Mountain View (aka weforum) Altman started asking who'll be free to chip who? https://www.linkedin.com/news/story/altman-eyes-semiconductor-factories-6551458/ meanwhile this week sees Condoleezza Rice bring stanford's deepest human intel wizards to DC's twin base for hoovering up elders messes https://www.hoover.org/events/stanford-emerging-tech-review-dc-launch

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EVENTS | https://www.hoover.org/events/stanford-emerging-tech-review-dc-launch The Stanford Emerging Tech Review | DC Launch Fei-Fei Li Denning Co-Director, Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Sequoia Capital Professor, Stanford University Condoleezza Rice Tad and Dianne Taube Director | Thomas and Barbara Stephenson Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution Jennifer Widom Frederick Emmons Terman Dean of the School of Engineering, Stanford University Amy Zegart Morris Arnold and Nona Jean Cox Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution Herb Lin Hank J. Holland Fellow in Cyber Policy and Security, Hoover Institution Drew Endy Associate Professor of Bioengineering, Stanford University The Hoover Institution and the School of Engineering at Stanford University invite you to the DC launch of the Stanford Emerging Technology Review at the Hoover DC office on Thursday, January 25th, from 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM ET. Thursday, January 25, 2024, 4:00 PM ET Hoover Institution In DC SETR_cover.jpg The Hoover Institution and the School of Engineering at Stanford University invite you to the DC launch of the Stanford Emerging Technology Review at the Hoover DC office on Thursday, January 25th, from 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM ET. The discussion will highlight the findings of the Stanford Emerging Technology Review (SETR) Report on Ten Key Technologies and Their Policy Implications. This panel discussion will be in person at the Hoover DC office and will be followed by a cocktail reception. This event will also be available via livestream. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Stanford Emerging Technology Review | DC Launch FEATURING Condoleezza Rice Tad and Dianne Taube Director | Thomas and Barbara Stephenson Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution Jennifer Widom Frederick Emmons Terman Dean of the School of Engineering, Stanford University Amy Zegart Morris Arnold and Nona Jean Cox Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution Herb Lin Hank J. Holland Fellow in Cyber Policy and Security, Hoover Institution Fei-Fei Li Denning Co-Director, Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Sequoia Capital Professor, Stanford University Drew Endy Associate Professor of Bioengineering, Stanford University Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution

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jack ma has started teaching at univeristy in tokyo


 MA Yun (Jack MA)  

Other affiliationsFounder, Jack Ma Foundation
Founder and Partner, Alibaba Group
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Advocate Emeritus
Period of stayMay 1, 2023 - October 31, 2023
01. Description of Research

Sustainable agriculture and food production

02 Short Biography

Jack Ma founded Alibaba Group in 1999 and served as its executive chairman from 1999 to September 2019.  Mr. Ma previously served as Alibaba Group’s chief executive officer from 1999 to May 2013.

Mr. Ma founded the Jack Ma Foundation in 2014, and its efforts are focused on supporting education, entrepreneurship and environmental protection, among other areas.  Mr. Ma is a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Emeritus Advocate and serves as a global board member of The Nature Conservancy and is co-chair of the Paradise Foundation.

Mr. Ma has been awarded honorary doctorates from several universities including the University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Normal University, De La Salle University and Tel Aviv University.

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5 compasses for valuing humanity's sustainable purposes dedication v neumann 1951 ashed economist journnalists- survey what will humans interct with 100 times more tech per decade

Work on this began in the collegiate space of Economist journalism 1951 and was bridged by publications from 1984 in the 2025 report genre - last edition to be publish 2023 ahead of year of UN preparation of Summit Future 

C1 5 ways humans web

C2 cooperation around 17 sustainability goals - launched 2015 by UN

C3 UN framework of gov2.0 needed for sdg reality

C4 30 benchmark cooperations by billion poorest rural asian women journeying from no electricity to digital leapfrogging 2019-1970

C5 What knowhow criss-crossing disciplinary skills and boundaries professional assume can be learnt by seeking to identify World Record Jobs Creators across hemispeheres and future histories/ 

 The idea of an annual card game of world record jobs creators began in 2008 when friends of The Economist and Neumanns search since 1951, including Adam Smith, Natural Systems modellers and women/family empowerment movements, became highly alarmed by the subprime meltdown. Considerations such as Glasgow University's 250 moral sentiments lecture being assigned to models gravitated round womens nation building of Bangladesh around smallest positive cashflow enrerprise   networking in 2008 might involve not just the challenge of preventing money from a global collapse but transparently mediating conflict with parents, educators, youth aiming to celebrate millennials as first sustainability (exponential rising) generation. 

classifying what alumni of world record jobs co-creators bring to intel advancing the human lot (conversations between von neumann family and macrae family (biographers of von neumann) have loosely inspired the search for world record jobs creators ( economistduiary.com welcomes nominations of wrj as a meta-disciplinary pursuit towards celebrating everywhere on earth where children are born free to enjoy the most of life and livelihoods) -please note that wrj aims to learn from creators of the future of humanity independent of national and other divisions whilst recognising the diversity time and space that particular alumni leaders operated under. For example if you nominated George Washington as integral to founding the place and peoples USA who have developed the most tech over 250 years 1776-2025, it has to be noted that as of 1776 black peoples lives were not valued and with no founding mothers its actually an interesting challenge to identify when herstory (womens productivity) began to transparently  rise in USA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_American_women%27s_firsts  This has strange consequences - for example up to 90% of work families value most to develop children is not wholly accounted for in the way world news reports gross national productivity and other ratings systems primarily used to those whose power to rule comes (partially) from printing paper money. Whomever emerges as most trusted or sustainable of web3 world record jobs creators (eg origin of blockchain idea: Satoshi ?) may mediate this. 


5 Compass Gameboard - we welcome improvement of terminology and representation. There is a lot of translation to do between language , cultures, disciplines in (y)our 2020s worlds of unprecedented change and learning 

================================ multiplex world american university ; oxford union debate; delong; wall street book by dalio

 have you seen new book by bradford delong : interests me saying growth compounded from 1870 and finished around 2000 (when mono-plex world got interface of digital media becoming more impactful than mass media wrong -if criteria was celebrating millennials as first sustainability generation)
 I see it fitting the UN tech envoy framework was first led 2016 by jim kim transformation of education plus community health and secondly restored  Geneva's ITU interaction with UNHQNY (ITU was itself from 1865 gravity as cooperation  of tech - convergence of physical energy power , railways, electricity and emergence of telecoms

(do any of your friends know amandeep gill - he seems very focused on taking guterres tech envoy work to mongolia last month , indonesia g20 and then the big one india g20 during this college year

if delongs compound model is correct usa was free to try out everything of 1870s engineering and its then unlimited natural resources all across a continent beoming techs greatest innovator until webs made leaps inadvancing human lot not primarily a location thing

back at start of 20th C europe's hot new tech (germany switzerland asutria soon ran out of physical resources -causing war) - not clear that lesson understood even today given my research of Eu between 1995-2010; meanwhile in 1920s the greatest maths generation neumann. einstein emigrated out of the conflict area in europe to princeton- where they spent most of theit life on tech for bad (ie nuclear arms) which is also why or where neumann briefed my father 1951 that it was vital that journalists openly mediated the question what goods will humans interact with 100 times more tech every decade

another area of interest - just back from hong kong - they are doing at least 3 innovative things with decentralsied finance in an attempt to hopefully prove that china mainland needs hong kong to do its thing ; but if things go wrong (eg firewall) then the tech entrepreneurs for good will move

are these or other ideas worth a coffee? whats up on your side? are you staying at american university dmv all year or somewhere else? are the opportunities for schwarzman scholars to multiplex looking up again? 

best chris  +1 240 316 8157

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2022-23' game pack of web's best players at co-creating livelihoods & sustainability generation

-please note this is a rough post we clean update at worldrecordjobs.com

urgent top 5

Satoshi - oh dear staoshi (if crypto colapses what have we learnt since 2008 subprime)

Guterres - needs most help especially by half the world under 35

sir fazle abed - since his partung dec 2019 - the leagacy of top 30 colaboratison for billion women empowetemnt most needs transparent mapping- sit fazle is a hole in every colaboration he inspired including the world's deepest solution on the 5 primary SHE-LFF goala

safety of 100000 community buikding by wome




food secutity & fiinace of land/home/rural integration

hong kong's mr metaverse - priably geeting the worldwide most colabiration out of nfts matters more to westerners who love hong kong and vice versa than anywhereelse because right now its up to we the web movements to do nftsdgs

von neumann - his legacy of 100 time more tech 1935-2035 had got to many tipping points of mediuation and education thats still seem much more conflicted than humans need to be if aiforgood is to blossom out of every community and mother erath's win-win abundancy is to chnage manmade organsiations whereever these are win-lose

sub-editors Introduction   SDGsAMES 1 www.worldrecordjobs.com this is a game I wish I could design to be safe for every teacher and age to play- ultimately if teachers ariound the world were free to share life accompolishments (community shareable ) actions of 52 people who would you choose and how would your map (Q&A) their lasting win-win consequences? Moreover what urgent context shapes your selections: eg if web3 is to be designed to maximise human loveq as well as entrepreneurial wizardry and sustainability goals. (I admit problems with this game since sir fazle abed died dec 2019 – I cant find an overall centre of gravity .So the game is there for people to substitute brilliant connectors I am not aware exists

(I started thinking about this game at 9/11. I hgad 2 reasons for interpreting 9/11 as the wor;d's in trouble- we are ultiplying more misunderstanding at borders than resolutions. One seems to be shared with anyone else I have talked to in the last 21 years who has a story of I did something different from 9/11. It was a life chnaging moment - abd the diffenece in my actions since 9/11 is .See my second reason in footnote

Here is world record jobs game pack for 2022-23

The game is intended as personal learning exploration, or test of diversity of your peer network- of course it can be played to explore sustainability of the nations tor global business sectors that dominate life and livielihoods of yourself , family, communities. WE welcome feeback: simplest form if you made up to 5 susbtitutes, who are your WRJ. Games with different sub-packs could be designed round any future frame that intersts you - eg sustainabiloity goals, whether Antonion Guterres 9-way transformation of multilaterals or any gov offer benchmark younger half of world need to be first sustainability not firts extinction Generation. WE have actually identified playerds cards by how much they and their alumni took reponsibility for human development by 5 different stages of webs:

web00 before electricty

web 0 with electricity and tele but before web 1

web1 which was primarily enetered through personal computer networking (which did not feed back gps behavioral data)

web 2 where smart phones and other devices generated dta controlled by biggest organsaitions goverance with or without and ESG transparency

web3 where human immersion (sustainability's futire of life) will depoend on whether big gov and big corporate is trainguklarised by depth of global vilage or civit society valuation

Brackets mean person was not able to demonstrate how to lay a web version but aksed closest alumni to integrate this into her or his legacy

sir fazle abed web 00 to web2 (web3)  all sdgs

Antonio Guterres Web00 to Web3 all sdgs and 21st empowering public servants

Von Neumann web0 (web 1-3) 100 times more tech per decade 1935-20235

Einstein Web 0 web00 (web 1 to 3) ditto

JFK web0 onlky us national leader to (help youth) enjoy era of 100 tiems more tech

Thurgood Marshall web 00 web0 benchmar as westrn world's number 1 justice

Roosevelt web00 web0 last us president to design both continent wide infrastructure and foundations of worldwide peace

Satoshi Web3 web2 web1 web0  - withouth whom no web 3 blochain districuted community energues

Hong Kong's Mr metaverse web 3 web2 web1 web0 -influencer east west of meta-good

Li Ka Shing web0 web1 web 2  anchored one of most productive 1/1000 of humans through extraodrinary chnage

Elon Musk web o web 1 web 2 web 3 - hey ho can entrepreneurial genius keep ahead of mba syndrome where usa mots needs it 


Stanford's Jerry Yang web 0 web1 web2 web3

Fei-Fe Li web 2 3

Andrew Ng web 2 3

Condoleeza Rice


Formerly: Mrs Bezos & Mrs Gates:  JK Rowling

Boston's Jim Kim web 00 web0 web1 web2 (web)

Abdul Latif (Jpal at MIT) web00 web0 web1 web 2 web3

Arizona and earth Institute's Michael Crow web 0 web 1 web2 web3

NYU's John Sexton  web0 web11 web2 (web 3)

Jack ma web 00 web0 web1 web2 (web3)

Sheikha Moza & Charles Yidan

Huawei's web00 web0 web1 web2 web3

Norway's Nokia web 0 web1 web2 web3

Quadir family web00 web0 web1 web2 (web 3)


Lee Kuan Yew web0 web1 web 2

Cecil John Rhodes web00 




Gandhi webo web00

Paulo Freire Webo web00

Maria Montesorri Web00 Web0

Alexander Fleming web00 web0

Florence Nightingale (Lady of Lamp) Web00 (web00

St Francis web00

Marco Polo web00

Bard (Shakespeare) web00

Newton web00

Adam Smith, James Watt web00

Alexander Bell web00 web0


Hiro Hito web00 web0

Borlaug web00 web0

Deming  web0

Toyota Founder. web0 (web 1 to 3)

Akio Morita Sony web0 (web 1)

Samsung founders webo to web 3

Gordon Moore web0 web1 (web 2, 3)

Steve Jobs web0 web1 web2

Wangari Maathai

Anglo Dutch Royal Familiies web00 to web 2 (web3)

James Wilson web00

Bagehot and Queen Victoria web00 web0


Its harder to suggest under 35s(eg less than quarer way through exponential of webbing) but why not start with

O Brown

Audrey Cheng

Chloe Kim



Sūn Yùnxuán  Morris Chang  from intel before intel Tadao Kashio 

kiichiri toyoda

samsung Lee Byung-chul

Ezra Voegel, Keiretsu Chaebol. Malcolm Mclean, sergei korolev, ak kalam, manmohan singh, Jagdish Gandhi Family

Gotlieb Daimler & Rudolf Diesel

Henry Ford and william Boeing

william barton rogers

also jack sim sanitation and bop hub; ck prahlad bop hub and intangibles (goodwill multipliers) as strategic advantage; kissinger continuity of most importamnt east-west adbanced sustainability driver; wangaari maathai adpatation climate solutions; gordon dryden web 1 education age (and part of web 2)

jh greathead, newton , galileo, christopher wren

paul polak great bottpm up inventor force (first invention tradle pump late 1970s

Editors notes - i am hear to learn -from your culture who did far better than anyone had right to expect from that point of time and all the pressures around her or him; my choices have sometimes omitted people who seemed to me to be brilaint multipliers of others already mentioned; we could certainly list many people who co-founded electricity but I have chosen alexander bell to reresent that moment (the first industrial revolution had been all about engine power; now electricity blended 2nd revolution of tele literally connecting people however distantly apart; one of the most intersteing case studies is the formation of the international telegrapphy union - you could defimne tele induistries as those nthat needed to colaborate worldwide because there would be no value in 2 telegraphy systems , 2 telephone systems- its ultimately mapping win-wins (way above zero sum games) that will determine the human races last chnace not to be bature's net doddo- stahely then maon economic profession up to keynes was about the philosophy (system esigns) of above zeo sum human development as was the gifts of bon neunammns peer networks- but then soon after jfk's death an opposite macroeconomic american school of system design took over -if your only measure of a system is how much can one side take every quaretr from ever other related group of humans then thats the mathematics of extinction- and sadly wherever america's long term trust has been lost in local areas since kennedy's death that is the maths problem which needs sorting - for americans be they 4% of the world or according to oxfam the 30 richest americans whose system printing paer dolars now represents)

If you diasgree with the above relarks - hey its a free speech world; before you tear up the game if there's even one sustainability goal that mattsres to you I would love to hear whose knowhow you would open source if you had a harry pooter wand and could ensure that knowhow was decentralsied into decsiion making out of every community


Mysecond reason is my fther had since meeting von neualnn in 1951 published deadlines for human sustainability - he thought 2000 would be the most critical deadline for mediating huamnity's biggest riskmis differenece in incomes and expectaions of peoples in rich and poor nations. When dad estimated this most vital mediation role ever would be scheduled for 2000- what he meant was the time when digital media was scaling to be as globally and lovcally ijpactful as tv braisdacst media. When you guestimate a timeline 16 years ahead- you are not aiming to be exact in the datestamping but you know what measure of future histiry you are conerned with; in this case chnage in the biggest way tat  propaganda is distributed. Clearly 9/11 can be interpreted as the wporld over shot the awareness deadline of gioal 1 end poverty - and as I look back on my afther's 1984 reasoning i so wish that the UN has published dad's one millnnium goals not its longer shopping list many of which were lacking (for example to say that up to 2015 the only education goal needed to unite nation was to snnd all children to primarily school doesnt match 5 generations of my family's support for education in the majority of countries we have wither lived in or know extraorinary community leaders in.

on the metaverse will educators design sustainability genrations nfts multiplying most value

 we can look at this in several different ways

from 1951 von neumann encouraged some journalists at the economist to apply the most valuable question ever mediated - what will people do with 100 times more tech every decade 2035-1935

between 1951 to 1977 this research clarified places valuing freedom of education would sustain the most griowth; for example this 1976 survey assessed nation by nation likelihoods for half of humans then living east of iran

american president and their economic advisors were evaluated in economist surveys (or voice versa) between 1962 and 1976 in terms of how much did they celebrate youth's next 10 years across every sectir of society 

in 2008 my father held his last public birthday party at london's royal automobile club with 50 people to celebrate the launch of dr yunus book on social business as one of the 2 main solutions to what otherwise would be subprime's decade of devaluing youth -the other was satoshi's paper which my father did not get to see entrepreneurs pitching because he died in 2010

soon after father died the japan ambassador to dhaka invited friends and family to two dinner brainstorming sessions with sir fazle abed as chief guet; among many collaborations abed wanted a billion once poorest asian village women to host abed said he need legacy friend sto help map a collaboration between new universities - I asked if i could visit bangladesh annually with young journalists to try to design a mooc- abed laughed that's a bit web 2 of you but ok if c stands for collaboration

as a statistician of media I regarded the 2000 millennium goals as very primitive - eg education's only goal was to send every child to primary school; i became fascinated by both tyhe launch of 2015's sdgs and the launch of UN2.0; I believe i have complied a complete public library of un2.0 documents relating to the 9 piece transformational roadmap of Un2; the question of how doe web3 come into each of these 9 pieces is my main research area for the rest of time; from my viepoint its exciting that all the greatest tech experts in the Un and xprize have now colaborated in 3 things:

helping launch AIforGood as the pivotal gamepiece out of geneva itu (which has been in global connectivity sunce its birth as iTelegrapgU in 1865)

being a main sponsor of an ai compoetition to tackle covid

this education yera hosting the yera round www.sdgmetaverseprize.org - any team of 2-6 people can play choose one sdg; be under or over 18; even if the 5000 likely entrants by decmmber dont come up with earth chnaging submissions, we will have curation of stories that young peopel want the metverse to mediat sdg by sdg; it should be difficult for guterres to start adding on continuing expert panel by goal - or where relevant seeing who wants to start an sdg nft

from 2008 with yunus at mit and world bank youth summits I kept an eye out for 7 young professional women (by which I mean they were a few years on from graduating in 5 of the 7 cases); of course that means that some will(in 2022) be in their 30s but i hope they won't be insulted if I call that young compared with my 71 years. Which of these ladies are already in the middle of prooftesting education Daos and which of their life's purposes may designed around nfts

OB's genius started with gliding easily as a British Nigerian between English and Japanese education systems - she chose her own collegiate training to form Nigeria's only flying doctor service. About 3 years ago she started publishing an updating report for transforming the whole of Nigeria's health service; I think the missing piece may be nft of the 1000 people she has already most influenced but that's my guess..

EV how to become world class cancer researcher in your teens

SK how to mobile georgetown graduates round female victims of acid attacks and become one of microsoft's head of ethics

AC1 how to set up africa's most sustainable coding schools for youth and continue that as the schools emeritus while joining discord as special adviser out of miami 

AC2 how to leapfrog from a 3rd ranked chinese university to ma at columbia university and one of leading hedged fund researchers of her age

YC1 yc guided me round 2 day long walking tours of tsinghua university while she was studying english as a stepping stone in a diplomatic career and attended sir fazle abed's 80th birthday- she had always told me she would have to disappear from my friends' networks; she was last seen as a successful rhodes scholar ; her parents had both served the state in china that borders north korea; 

VS as far as i know everyone's favorite benchmarkfor what an nft can do in education -equally love to hear from you if you have a different nft to benchmark

DS probably the first inventor of animal's persona devices or do i mean their IOT; animals seem to be even better at collecting data on mother earth than humans; DS did this from India as a teenager. now multiplying her knowledge at stanford

MY she was just breaking through as a young opera star at juillard in NY when 9/11 happened; she decided to add a second arrow to her quiver; can she and her networks celebrate how underemployed ny artists and musicians cheer up new yorkers particularly childrens  hospitals and poorer communities, the world and celebrate sdgs not just music's pop. Singforhope.org

SA  around 7th grade taught herself rap music to escape being a child bride in afghanistan; graduating this coming year as the most extraordinarily courageous life I have personally traced of 8th grader girl or boy starting up

example of a web where you can quickly browse spectrum of nfts

i want to make time to explore what is https://twitter.com/esatoshiclub

i found this useful blockchain tutorial 




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