Monday, December 31, 1990


2018-06-11  - Hong Kong
Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) is delighted to join the Founders Forum for a high-level event in Hong Kong on March 20. This private forum will convene approximately 200 founders and C-suite executives from around the world for a discussion on innovative businesses. Topics addressed will range from the Growth of China’s Tech Firms and China’s Technology-driven Business Models to Health-Tech and the Future of Blockchain.
CKGSB is co-organizing this event together with the Founders Forum, an invitation-only network of 5,000+ successful companies worldwide. The event will feature a delegation of members from the Founders Forum who will be joining from Europe, mainland China and Hong Kong. 
09:00-09:10Welcome Remarks from CKGSB and Founders Forum
09:10-09:20Growth of Tech Firms in China
Gan JieProfessor of Finance, Director of Center on Finance and Economic Growth, CKGSB
09:20-09:30China’s Technology-Driven Business Models
Zhang WeiningProfessor of Accounting, CKGSB
09:30-09:45What Can Machines Learn: Implication on the Workforce
Erik Brynsjolffson, Professor, MIT
09:45-10:05How to Build and Scale a Unicorn in Asia
Fritz Demopoulos, Founder, Queen’s Road Capital
Victor ChuFounder, First Eastern Investment Group
Christina Gaw, Founder, Gaw Capital
Yun-Hee Kim, Senior Editor, Wall Street Journal
10:05-10:25Health-Tech: rebuilding ourselves in software: future of decoding human health & disease 
Dr. Jack Kreindler, Co-Founder, CHHP
Jun Wang, Co-Founder, iCarbonX
Louise Lucas, Technology Correspondent, Financial Times
10:25-10:50Future of Blockchain
Joyce Kim, Founder, Sparkchain Capital
Kathleen Breitman, Founder, Tezos
Vivek Ramachandran, Global Head of Innovation, HSBC
David Schwartz, Founder, Ripple Chief Cryptographer
10:50-11:10Coffee Break
11:10-11:30Disruptors/Rising Stars
Jeff Lyndon, President and Co-founder, iDreamsky
Ovidiu Oliea, Founder, Valoot
Patrick Ngan, Founder, QFPay
Demet Mutlu, Founder, E-commerce
Norma Chu, Founder, DayDay Cook
Winston Cheng, President of International, JD.com
Reeve Kwan, Founder, GoGoVan
Eric Gnock Fah, Founder, Klook
11:30-11:55Media Session
Xie Yafang, TV Host, Phoenix TV
Neeraj Roy, Founder, Hungama
Joe Hyrkin, Founder, Issuu
Lilian Leong, Founder, 9Gag
Shaul Olmert, Founder, Playbuzz
11:55-12:20How To Partner in Asia
Frank Tang, CEO and Managing Partner, FountainVest Partners, CKGSB Alumni
Harish Bahl, Founder, Smile Group
Zuraidah Ibrahim, Correspondent, South China Morning Post
12:20-12:30Exits and “Dancing with Elephants:  How startups should relate to Big Companies”
Bradley Horowitz, Vice President, Google
12:30-12:35Closing Remarks

Sunday, December 30, 1990


The completion ceremony of the 6th DELA Program is held successfully in Shenzhen Campus

It has already been a few years since the importance of understanding the business environment in China was listed on the top priority of Korean executives and leaders. Yet, their enthusiasm to gain knowledge of the Chinese market does not diminish but grows continually. The Dong-A Economy Leader’s Academy (DELA), South Korea’s leading economic leadership education program, is an example of Korean leaders’ eagerness for in-depth understanding of China through one of the best education sites in the nation.
As a course developed by one of the most prominent general dailies in Korea, The Dong-A Ilbo, DELA focuses on fostering the competency and international exchange among domestic economic, industrial, and financial leaders. Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) has been jointly operating the program for six consecutive years since 2013, based on its long-term partnership with the media.
The completion ceremony of the 6th DELA was conducted in the school’s Shenzhen campus on April 27, in which CKGSB faculty members including Assistant Dean Zhou Li attended. DELA participants, who are executives of South Korean financial institutes and corporations, received their certificates of the completion.

During April 26 and 27, participants attended seminars by the faculty on diverse topics, such as Chinese firms’ business strategies, and opportunities and crisis found in the Chinese economy. Heated discussions followed after professors’ seminars.
Furthermore, the program included a visit to corporations in Shenzhen, a city titled as Asia’s Silicon Valley. “Tencent”, the nation’s largest internet giant co-founded by CKGSB’s alumnus, and “WeBank”, China’s first online-only bank established by Tencent, were among the sites for participants’ visits.

Assistant Dean Zhou Li remarked, “Chinese corporations’ innovation model began from founders born in 1960s and 70s, such as Alibaba’s Jack Ma and Tencent’s Ma Huateng,” he continued, “Now, it is inherited by leaders including 1980-born Frank Wang, the founder of DJI who conquered the global drone market – the new business leaders will spearhead China’s new growth model.”
To read the original Korean article in the Dong-A Ilbo, please click here.