Wednesday, July 8, 2020

is ali helping china's end poverty network blockchian

there were various news headlines on this in 2016 my first year of tracking beijong as the place most ,likely to determine sdgs across nations

there arfe lots of ru,moprs that china kis nearly ready to digitalise the yuan such as tese tioday  but ki am still searching to understand al'ik's latest - a lopts in chiense which i dopnt speak

Blockchain Trials: Digital Yuan & Ant Financial
DiDi, the Chinese equivalent of Uber, is forming a task force to design and implement a trial of China’s CBDC on its transportation platform – potentially reaching 500 million DiDi users. “Under PBoC’s overall DCEP strategy and operation timeline, DiDi’s DCEP taskforce will design and implement pilot DCEP projects in accordance with rigorous safety, security and governance standards,” the firm said. Meanwhile, Shanghai-based Cosco Shipping confirmed it would trial Ant Blockchain, a product of Alibaba subsidiary Ant Financial, to streamline its operations.
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July 8, 2020
By Daniel Kuhn
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