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5 compasses for valuing humanity's sustainable purposes dedication v neumann 1951 ashed economist journnalists- survey what will humans interct with 100 times more tech per decade

Work on this began in the collegiate space of Economist journalism 1951 and was bridged by publications from 1984 in the 2025 report genre - last edition to be publish 2023 ahead of year of UN preparation of Summit Future 

C1 5 ways humans web

C2 cooperation around 17 sustainability goals - launched 2015 by UN

C3 UN framework of gov2.0 needed for sdg reality

C4 30 benchmark cooperations by billion poorest rural asian women journeying from no electricity to digital leapfrogging 2019-1970

C5 What knowhow criss-crossing disciplinary skills and boundaries professional assume can be learnt by seeking to identify World Record Jobs Creators across hemispeheres and future histories/ 

 The idea of an annual card game of world record jobs creators began in 2008 when friends of The Economist and Neumanns search since 1951, including Adam Smith, Natural Systems modellers and women/family empowerment movements, became highly alarmed by the subprime meltdown. Considerations such as Glasgow University's 250 moral sentiments lecture being assigned to models gravitated round womens nation building of Bangladesh around smallest positive cashflow enrerprise   networking in 2008 might involve not just the challenge of preventing money from a global collapse but transparently mediating conflict with parents, educators, youth aiming to celebrate millennials as first sustainability (exponential rising) generation. 

classifying what alumni of world record jobs co-creators bring to intel advancing the human lot (conversations between von neumann family and macrae family (biographers of von neumann) have loosely inspired the search for world record jobs creators ( economistduiary.com welcomes nominations of wrj as a meta-disciplinary pursuit towards celebrating everywhere on earth where children are born free to enjoy the most of life and livelihoods) -please note that wrj aims to learn from creators of the future of humanity independent of national and other divisions whilst recognising the diversity time and space that particular alumni leaders operated under. For example if you nominated George Washington as integral to founding the place and peoples USA who have developed the most tech over 250 years 1776-2025, it has to be noted that as of 1776 black peoples lives were not valued and with no founding mothers its actually an interesting challenge to identify when herstory (womens productivity) began to transparently  rise in USA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_American_women%27s_firsts  This has strange consequences - for example up to 90% of work families value most to develop children is not wholly accounted for in the way world news reports gross national productivity and other ratings systems primarily used to those whose power to rule comes (partially) from printing paper money. Whomever emerges as most trusted or sustainable of web3 world record jobs creators (eg origin of blockchain idea: Satoshi ?) may mediate this. 


5 Compass Gameboard - we welcome improvement of terminology and representation. There is a lot of translation to do between language , cultures, disciplines in (y)our 2020s worlds of unprecedented change and learning 

================================ multiplex world american university ; oxford union debate; delong; wall street book by dalio

 have you seen new book by bradford delong : interests me saying growth compounded from 1870 and finished around 2000 (when mono-plex world got interface of digital media becoming more impactful than mass media wrong -if criteria was celebrating millennials as first sustainability generation)
 I see it fitting the UN tech envoy framework was first led 2016 by jim kim transformation of education plus community health and secondly restored  Geneva's ITU interaction with UNHQNY (ITU was itself from 1865 gravity as cooperation  of tech - convergence of physical energy power , railways, electricity and emergence of telecoms

(do any of your friends know amandeep gill - he seems very focused on taking guterres tech envoy work to mongolia last month , indonesia g20 and then the big one india g20 during this college year

if delongs compound model is correct usa was free to try out everything of 1870s engineering and its then unlimited natural resources all across a continent beoming techs greatest innovator until webs made leaps inadvancing human lot not primarily a location thing

back at start of 20th C europe's hot new tech (germany switzerland asutria soon ran out of physical resources -causing war) - not clear that lesson understood even today given my research of Eu between 1995-2010; meanwhile in 1920s the greatest maths generation neumann. einstein emigrated out of the conflict area in europe to princeton- where they spent most of theit life on tech for bad (ie nuclear arms) which is also why or where neumann briefed my father 1951 that it was vital that journalists openly mediated the question what goods will humans interact with 100 times more tech every decade

another area of interest - just back from hong kong - they are doing at least 3 innovative things with decentralsied finance in an attempt to hopefully prove that china mainland needs hong kong to do its thing ; but if things go wrong (eg firewall) then the tech entrepreneurs for good will move

are these or other ideas worth a coffee? whats up on your side? are you staying at american university dmv all year or somewhere else? are the opportunities for schwarzman scholars to multiplex looking up again? 

best chris  +1 240 316 8157

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