Friday, April 22, 2022


China Tech Digest: BlueFocus, Baidu Join Hands On Metaverse; Alibaba DAMO Academy Proposes Ten Major Technological Trends

BlueFocus, Baidu join hands on metaverse

Baidu’s AI developer conference Create 2021 was held in Baidu’s metaverse Xirang. After the closed beta, Xirang is officially open to all users. At this conference, the Chinese search giant has reached a strategic partnership with BlueFocus, China’s largest communication group. They will collaborate on integrating metaverse and marketing. With Xirang’s virtual space as the cornerstone, they will jointly help brand owners establish new connections with consumers in the metaverse, exploit new scenarios and empower the evolution of marketing patterns.

Alibaba DAMO Academy proposes ten major technological trends

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Alibaba Dharma Academy has proposed ten major technological trends that may be realized in 2022, covering areas such as AI, chip, computing and communications. The ten major trends are AI for Science, co-evolution of large and small models, silicon optical chips, green energy AI, flexible perception robots, high-precision medical navigation, global privacy computing, satellite-to-ground computing, cloud-network integration, and XR Internet.

CFCA provides blockchain technology support for Gome

Recently, China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA) has reached a long-term strategic cooperation with Gome, China’s largest home appliance retailer. CFCA will provide blockchain-based electronic deposit services for Gome’s discount platform GomeZhe. With the characteristics of traceability and tamper-proof, blockchain technology will enhance the reliability and security of card and coupon information on the marketing platform.

Huawei builds smart south-to-north water diversion model

Chinese telecommunications company Huawei has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China South-to-North Water Diversion Corporation Limited to assist the construction of national water resources network. The two parties will jointly promote the evolution and upgrade of smart south-to-north water diversion, build a digital twin world interconnected by people, things, IT and information, realize a coordinated development model for water supply and management services, and create a world-class smart dispatch project model.

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