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roll of honor -please tell of us of any bbc bookmark that actually helps world citizens connect round ending sustainability crises


SaintJames.tv and our friends understanding of Collaboration Partner of Muhammad Yunus and Global Social Business networks

can you help chris.macrae @yahoo.co.uk ; sofia http://londoncreativelabs.com/

Extract from the Year's greatest sustainability & collaboration gameboards at SaintJames.tv
• 2012 can londoners smarten up the globalisation's mass media photo call of being olympics game hosts and change the bbc to be a citizen owned social business public broadcaster whose greatest world service is open curiosity in investigating sustainability agendas -where is social business's first anchor woman and will she get as much freedom of voice as macroeconomics news analysts

do we or should we have someone who both has the time and the expertise to get in middle of this china-london climate dialogue context below?

I know I dont have the expertise - if this looks to you less interesting than a parallel general discussion space on china and climate, which one interests you most

the big partnering space yunus wants to build in his national strategy leaflet http://yunusforum.net/?p=55 called growing up with 2 giants is bangladesh-china -as a group do we have any china contacts or are we starting a whole new collaboration partner gameboard?

mostofa looking forward to urgent confirmation on who grameen's relationship manager with ali baba is

chris macrae http://worldeconomist.net/ http://lacreativelabs.cm/ http://grameenenergy.com/
http://collaboration12.blogspot.com/ and greatest green SB festival ever staged comes to london2012
http://collaboration10.blogspot.com/ greatest 1 billion job creation digiyouth sb festival comes to london 2012

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From: chinadialogue
Subject: Can consumers save our climate? -- chinadialogue update
To: chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
Date: Monday, 4 January, 2010, 17:06

Happy 2010 to all our readers! We hope you had a chance to catch up with chinadialogue over our Christmas-New Year break, and we head into 2010 with a fresh mix of articles on critical environmental matters. After Copenhagen, for instance, can market forces – and consumers in particular – help address global warming? John Elkington looks at the promises and pitfalls of “green” consumption, while Tan Copsey examines the outcome of the climate summit. And as China faces difficult decisions over waste disposal and local residents vent their opposition to garbage-burning plants, Ma Jun suggests a way forward. In a two-part slideshow, Daniel Robeiro presents images of deforestation, water and energy issues in Mozambique. Meanwhile, the country’s offshore neighbour, Madagascar, faces many of the same challenges. David Smith reports on how climate change is blamed for playing havoc with the island nation’s harvests and the seasons. And Jonathan Freedland argues that glitzy, debt-ridden Dubai could have spent its riches in much better ways. All this and more in your weekly chinadialogue update … Have you taken our quick-and-easy readers’ survey yet, in either English or Chinese? Please let us know what you think of chinadialogue. You could even win a prize.

亲爱的读者,新年快乐!希望你们在圣诞新年的假期中也抽空浏览了中外对话的文章。在进入2010之际,我们发表了几篇尖锐的文章,均是时下正受激烈讨论的环境议题。比如,哥本哈根会议过后,市场(尤其是消费者)是否能帮助解决全球暖化的问题?约翰•艾尔金顿对各国的承诺和“绿色”消费主义做出了讨论。同时,谭 •科普塞为您解读了气候峰会的成果。另外,中国面临着垃圾处理与居民反对建造垃圾焚化炉的难题,马军为此提出了一个解决方法。在两组幻灯片中,丹尼尔•里贝罗在莫桑比克给大家带来了关于当地伐林,水和能源问题的照片。而其隔海的邻居马达加斯加则面对着类似的挑战。大卫•斯密斯报道了气候变化使得该国的收成减少,四季气候陷入混乱。最后,乔纳森•弗里德兰指出,深陷债务的迪拜本来应该更好的利用财富。以上及更多环境资讯,尽在中外对话每周更新……另外,请完成短小的中、英文读者调查问卷,告知我们您对“中外对话”的意见,您将有机会获得纪念奖品……

消费拯救气候? -- 约翰•艾尔金顿
Can consumers save our climate? -- John Elkington http://chinadialogue.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6585f82da0cf6d1feb1edfd55&id=5cab70e4c6&e=18432cf87e


After Copenhagen, can market forces – and consumers in particular – help address global warming? John Elkington looks at the promises and pitfalls of “green” consumption. http://chinadialogue.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6585f82da0cf6d1feb1edfd55&id=5cab70e4c6&e=18432cf87e

简报:《哥本哈根协议》 -- 谭•科普塞
Briefing: the Copenhagen Accord -- Tan Copsey


What happened at the COP15 climate talks? Tan Copsey explains the new agreement.

走出垃圾焚烧厂选址的困局 -- 马军
Solving the incinerator uproar -- Ma Jun http://chinadialogue.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6585f82da0cf6d1feb1edfd55&id=fc56b43a08&e=18432cf87e


China faces difficult decisions over waste disposal, as local residents vent their opposition to garbage-burning plants. Ma Jun suggests a way forward. http://chinadialogue.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6585f82da0cf6d1feb1edfd55&id=fc56b43a08&e=18432cf87e

幻灯片:冷眼看莫桑(1) -- 丹尼尔•里贝罗
Slideshow: eye on Mozambique (1) -- Daniel Ribeiro


In the first section of a two-part slideshow about environmental concerns in the south-east African nation, Daniel Ribeiro introduces deforestation, water and energy issues.

幻灯片:冷眼看莫桑(2) -- 丹尼尔•里贝罗
Slideshow: eye on Mozambique (2) -- Daniel Ribeiro


In the second segment of a two-part slideshow, Daniel Ribeiro looks at the problem of handling solid waste in the country’s capital, Maputo.

遭受冲击的马达加斯加 -- 大卫•史密斯
Madagascar feels the heat -- David Smith


Deforestation, drought and political instability have ravaged a nation rich in wildlife but poor in infrastructure. And, reports David Smith, climate change is blamed for playing havoc with harvests and the seasons.

迪拜:21世纪寓言 -- 乔纳森•弗里德兰
Dubai: a modern parable -- Jonathan Freedland


With its debt, excess and exploitation, the glitzy emirate is not alone in a world living on credit. But, writes Jonathan Freedland, its riches could have been spent so much better. http://chinadialogue.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6585f82da0cf6d1feb1edfd55&id=5f113833a2&e=18432cf87e

绿叶 Green Leaves



Books: dark side of a crude world

Peter Maass warns that decades of wanton consumption have created the seeds of the economic, environmental and moral destruction caused by the oil industry, writes Michael Peel.
more ...


春芽:新书掠影 Offshoots


设想在遥远的未来,外星人造访地球。他们会不会发现什么线索,证明这里曾经有过智慧生物的繁荣?我们的城市、大坝、工厂会不会留下什么遗迹,能在1亿年后被探测出来?这是一项简单而有趣的思考实验,在某种程度上正是简•扎拉斯维奇(Jan Zalasiewicz)这本精巧的地质学图书所探究的问题。更多

“The Earth After Us”

Imagine alien visitors arriving on Earth in the remote future. What evidence may they find to tell them that intelligent beings once thrived here? What fragments of our cities, dams and factories may be detectable in, say, 100 million years’ time? It is a simple but intriguing thought experiment that is explored, to some effect, in this neat little geological entertainment by Jan Zalasiewicz.
more... http://chinadialogue.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6585f82da0cf6d1feb1edfd55&id=1c7959d464&e=18432cf87e

播客 Podcast

Signals to the world http://chinadialogue.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6585f82da0cf6d1feb1edfd55&id=436ff7c313&e=18432cf87e


British economist Nicholas Stern discusses China's progress and its carbon commitments.

Coffee and polar bears http://chinadialogue.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6585f82da0cf6d1feb1edfd55&id=3281118325&e=18432cf87e


An extra-terrestrial without a leader and a talking polar bear. Sights and sounds of Copenhagen.