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Monday, August 9, 2021

tokyo 2020 without fans and sponsor number 1

 youth so badly needed last chance sdgs 2020s to connect all positive forces climate, health, education transfprmation in line with sustainability skills all needed and could be multi-win borderless collaborations - jack ma had such hopeful plans in sponsoring the olympics -weforum 2017 and the chances that japan g20 3 asian oylpics korea tohyo beijing could have helped all asian youth unite as the ai age redoubles every opportunity and risks seemed so happy

we continue to hope asians will find ways to reconnect- when it coes to sustaining communities; linking infrastructures; deep sdg challeges asians have the experiece, the west does not

lets start again at www.japanthanks.com or if you value uniting asian youth as sustainability gerneration lets exchange maps chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

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How Alibaba is Helping the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Stay on Track with a Digital Upgrade

The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is undergoing a digital makeover to keep roughly 9,000 hours of content running smoothly, even as the coronavirus pandemic disrupts travel to the host city. Read our explainer on how Alibaba is supporting the push.

Taobao Maker Festival Turns into Massive Treasure Hunt for Hot New Consumer Trends

Alibaba's annual celebration of young entrepreneurs, the Taobao Maker Festival, shone a spotlight on emerging trends in China's effervescent consumer market, from treadmills for pets to snackable health foods, including a transparent burger.

High-Tech 'Glamping' Brand at Taobao Maker Festival Illustrates China's Outdoor Boom

The Free Spirits, a tent-maker featured at this year's Taobao Maker Festival, talks about the glamorous camping trend that is picking up steam in the country post pandemic.

Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund Backs US$260 Million Greater Bay Area Fund

The new venture fund aims to help startups access credit and expand across the Greater Bay Area in China. Joe Tsai, executive vice chairman of Alibaba Group, discusses the investment here.


How U.S. Children’s Shoe Brand Stride Rite is Stepping Up Their Game in China with Tmall

Watch how the American children's footwear brand Stride Ride is expanding in China by partnering with Tmall.

Friday, July 9, 2021

update on jack ma

 whatever ups and downs of j ma, worldrecordjobs.com will always rank him in top 10 - if you ae a fan with good news rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

what few people dispute is

from around age 11 to 31 (1995) he became one of china's most massive english teachers- living in possibly the first designated tourist tow hangzhou famous 700 years earlier as marco polo's fav market town- in the old world of the 13th century there were 2 places to ship trade - round the med sea eg see venice; starting at hangzhou which was at one end of the world's largest canal to beijing, an an inland river town sail up river hit the sea where shaghsai now stans follow bay north round china korean coastlines as we call the today and from there another 30 miles or so to islandsw of japan

as well as these 2 great shipping trading bays hangzhou represented the eastern end of the overland silk road whose west end was on the medsea lanbridge in asia and to europe and africa depending whether you followed med sea coastline notrh and west or sputh and west

in 1995 ma was hired to do a translation job - his first visit to usa was seattle just as bezos was launching amazon- for the next 24 years ma became one of the worlds 2 greatest market makers; but there was almost nothing in common to the purposes and consequences of bezos and ma

for one thing it would be almost 10 years before any mass of cinese were online

ma found extraordinary partners being inttroduced by taiwan american jerry yang founder of yahoo to japans biggest tech investor masoa soon softback; jack was about maximising jobs; he didnt begin ecommerce by owning stock rather the algorithms for delivery logistivcs including villages and cities

banks in china did not really offewre credit or debit cards - so jck ma leapt ahead with alipay mobile money transactions

by looking at how opposite bezos and ma's ecoomerce development became pretty much every nation has a choce whic sort of model do they want

we have met ying lowrey whose book the alibaba way offers a diary of what happened around jack from 1995 to 2014- she is an interesting lady who stared life as barefoot chinese doctor; spent about 25 years developing small enterpruses in usa; came back to beijing's top university tsinghua found they offered no course on small enterprises; was told to go see jack ma who as head of china rntrepreneu club could share detals on chinas small startup world

anyway in 2017 ma announced he would go bac to teaching dsept 2019- he said with commerce i can impact markets that interest me most education, health, going green, arys soprts

covid and its inteference of the olympics which jack and sofr bank had hoped to make the biggest asia social sdialogue to start 2020s have turned many of jack ma's partnerships upside down trump's decoupling of china has led china to reciprocate in terms of reducing which chinese tech companies have an american listing

ma is working away on village schools ; and training youh entrepreneus across africa; he has huge investments in cloud and i platforms as ways to gravitate tech wizards- if youth ever do become the sustainability generation - dont be surprsed if mapops up again

as i say positve news jack ma always welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk the 3 ties i have seen him present to 2000 audiences at new york UN, AT DETROIT AND TORONTO - everyone seemed to gain more innovatio0n insights per minute than any other presenter i have seen life- what a teacher

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Description: Jack Ma has become the global face of Chinese entrepreneurship and represents the growing influence of private business and capital in China. Yet the decision by Chinese regulators to halt the IPO of his latest venture, the Ant Group, as well as subsequent investigations into the company has raised questions about why Beijing seems to have suddenly tried to exert greater control over the fintech giant. Join Wall Street Journal reporter Lingling Wei for a discussion about what the future holds for Jack Ma and the Ant Group. Wei will provide a deep dive into the events surrounding the Ant Group’s IOP, and explore whether this latest action signals a fundamental shift in the relationship between China’s high-profile entrepreneurs and the state? Tony Saich, Ash Center Director and Daweoo Professor of International Affairs will moderate.

This event is co-hosted by HKS China Society, a student organization at Harvard Kennedy School.

About the Speaker
Lingling Wei is an award-winning journalist for The Wall Street Journal and co-author of “Superpower Showdown.” She covers China's political economy, focusing on Beijing's policy-making process and its key decision makers. Lingling was born and raised in China and has a M.A. in journalism from N.Y.U.

From Mark Seah to Everyone:  09:35 AM
Here are two recent WSJ articles by Ms. Wei,
From Sarah Grucza (she/her) | Ash Center to Everyone:  09:36 AM
For educational resources on anti-Asian racism, see the Race and Ethnicity section of the Harvard Library Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Collection
From Me to Everyone:  09:36 AM
is there a bookmark list to the various harvard networks you connect?
From Sarah Grucza (she/her) | Ash Center to Everyone:  09:36 AM
Please find more resources on a webpage of the Harvard Women in Tech + Allies group https://wit.abcd.harvard.edu/standing-solidarity-against-anti-asian-violence

020 State of Digital Transformation


The State of Digital Transformation, a new report published by the Ash Center and authored by David Eaves, HKS Lecturer of Public Policy and Lauren Lombardo MPP 2021 highlights key lessons learned from the digital response to the coronavirus pandemic. Drawn from a comprehensive set of interviews and discussions with key digital government stakeholders from around the world, the paper argues that because many governments hadn’t invested in digital services, their crisis response was insufficient. Even governments that had made progress in digitizing public services struggled to respond as the pandemic laid bare every pain point in their service delivery process. In other words, according to Eaves and Lombardo, crisis response is digital response. 

The stories of successful responses to COVID-19 highlighted that, as the pandemic unfolded, there was no time to build new capabilities, hire and train new staff, or ask for new levers. Governments had to fight the crisis with the tools they already had. The authors ask if government has truly internalized that future crisis responses must be digital-centric. 

Explore the report for key findings including:
Digital Crisis Response
Public-Sector Code-Sharing Communities
Growing Digital Service Groups Hiring, Funding, and Power
New Capabilities Agile Procurement, Once-Only Policy
Read the Full Report
christopher macrae (You) 09:40 AM do we know if ma and xi are opponents- historically xi seemed to choose ma to co-host china g20 in 2016 ? and hangzhou was part of the development region that the younger xi stewarded? would also like to know more about education which ma has said is now his full time job since fall 2019 if anyone has info on that

Monday, January 4, 2021

how many roles must aman walk down before ..

 jack maapparently ended being chief decisin maker for alibaba in sept 2019- he wanted to focus onbeducation, health, green and youth's heroes eg arts/sports - olympics as stahes where youth own the future's their generation needs to sustain - the opposite of old peoples media thoogh hopefull what we the parents of this world live for

as of nov 2020 it had been quite a year

jack published the wuhan frint line healthworkers lesoons book

he had chaired the un digital cooperation report changing the focus of guterres leadership; he had helped the un celebrate african youth entrepreneurs

his 15 billion dollar r&d of ai network had branched through interesting spaces from west coast usa to hangzhou via israel and moscow and indded wherever younbg tech people had least oportunity to co-create humans ai world

he remained cheer of two of china's most innovative business clubs As chairman of both the China Entrepreneur Club and the General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs,

yet everything he had hoped to connect korean, japanese chinese youth celebrating was torn aunder by the virus canceling the olympics 

his november sppech in shanghia is fascinating as it clarifies how the elders world of valuation no longer can sustain what humans locally need most to unite and yet the media owner of the hk paper publishing this is himself caught in waves of different chinese and global authorities