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2022-23' game pack of web's best players at co-creating livelihoods & sustainability generation

-please note this is a rough post we clean update at worldrecordjobs.com

urgent top 5

Satoshi - oh dear staoshi (if crypto colapses what have we learnt since 2008 subprime)

Guterres - needs most help especially by half the world under 35

sir fazle abed - since his partung dec 2019 - the leagacy of top 30 colaboratison for billion women empowetemnt most needs transparent mapping- sit fazle is a hole in every colaboration he inspired including the world's deepest solution on the 5 primary SHE-LFF goala

safety of 100000 community buikding by wome




food secutity & fiinace of land/home/rural integration

hong kong's mr metaverse - priably geeting the worldwide most colabiration out of nfts matters more to westerners who love hong kong and vice versa than anywhereelse because right now its up to we the web movements to do nftsdgs

von neumann - his legacy of 100 time more tech 1935-2035 had got to many tipping points of mediuation and education thats still seem much more conflicted than humans need to be if aiforgood is to blossom out of every community and mother erath's win-win abundancy is to chnage manmade organsiations whereever these are win-lose

sub-editors Introduction   SDGsAMES 1 www.worldrecordjobs.com this is a game I wish I could design to be safe for every teacher and age to play- ultimately if teachers ariound the world were free to share life accompolishments (community shareable ) actions of 52 people who would you choose and how would your map (Q&A) their lasting win-win consequences? Moreover what urgent context shapes your selections: eg if web3 is to be designed to maximise human loveq as well as entrepreneurial wizardry and sustainability goals. (I admit problems with this game since sir fazle abed died dec 2019 – I cant find an overall centre of gravity .So the game is there for people to substitute brilliant connectors I am not aware exists

(I started thinking about this game at 9/11. I hgad 2 reasons for interpreting 9/11 as the wor;d's in trouble- we are ultiplying more misunderstanding at borders than resolutions. One seems to be shared with anyone else I have talked to in the last 21 years who has a story of I did something different from 9/11. It was a life chnaging moment - abd the diffenece in my actions since 9/11 is .See my second reason in footnote

Here is world record jobs game pack for 2022-23

The game is intended as personal learning exploration, or test of diversity of your peer network- of course it can be played to explore sustainability of the nations tor global business sectors that dominate life and livielihoods of yourself , family, communities. WE welcome feeback: simplest form if you made up to 5 susbtitutes, who are your WRJ. Games with different sub-packs could be designed round any future frame that intersts you - eg sustainabiloity goals, whether Antonion Guterres 9-way transformation of multilaterals or any gov offer benchmark younger half of world need to be first sustainability not firts extinction Generation. WE have actually identified playerds cards by how much they and their alumni took reponsibility for human development by 5 different stages of webs:

web00 before electricty

web 0 with electricity and tele but before web 1

web1 which was primarily enetered through personal computer networking (which did not feed back gps behavioral data)

web 2 where smart phones and other devices generated dta controlled by biggest organsaitions goverance with or without and ESG transparency

web3 where human immersion (sustainability's futire of life) will depoend on whether big gov and big corporate is trainguklarised by depth of global vilage or civit society valuation

Brackets mean person was not able to demonstrate how to lay a web version but aksed closest alumni to integrate this into her or his legacy

sir fazle abed web 00 to web2 (web3)  all sdgs

Antonio Guterres Web00 to Web3 all sdgs and 21st empowering public servants

Von Neumann web0 (web 1-3) 100 times more tech per decade 1935-20235

Einstein Web 0 web00 (web 1 to 3) ditto

JFK web0 onlky us national leader to (help youth) enjoy era of 100 tiems more tech

Thurgood Marshall web 00 web0 benchmar as westrn world's number 1 justice

Roosevelt web00 web0 last us president to design both continent wide infrastructure and foundations of worldwide peace

Satoshi Web3 web2 web1 web0  - withouth whom no web 3 blochain districuted community energues

Hong Kong's Mr metaverse web 3 web2 web1 web0 -influencer east west of meta-good

Li Ka Shing web0 web1 web 2  anchored one of most productive 1/1000 of humans through extraodrinary chnage

Elon Musk web o web 1 web 2 web 3 - hey ho can entrepreneurial genius keep ahead of mba syndrome where usa mots needs it 


Stanford's Jerry Yang web 0 web1 web2 web3

Fei-Fe Li web 2 3

Andrew Ng web 2 3

Condoleeza Rice


Formerly: Mrs Bezos & Mrs Gates:  JK Rowling

Boston's Jim Kim web 00 web0 web1 web2 (web)

Abdul Latif (Jpal at MIT) web00 web0 web1 web 2 web3

Arizona and earth Institute's Michael Crow web 0 web 1 web2 web3

NYU's John Sexton  web0 web11 web2 (web 3)

Jack ma web 00 web0 web1 web2 (web3)

Sheikha Moza & Charles Yidan

Huawei's web00 web0 web1 web2 web3

Norway's Nokia web 0 web1 web2 web3

Quadir family web00 web0 web1 web2 (web 3)


Lee Kuan Yew web0 web1 web 2

Cecil John Rhodes web00 




Gandhi webo web00

Paulo Freire Webo web00

Maria Montesorri Web00 Web0

Alexander Fleming web00 web0

Florence Nightingale (Lady of Lamp) Web00 (web00

St Francis web00

Marco Polo web00

Bard (Shakespeare) web00

Newton web00

Adam Smith, James Watt web00

Alexander Bell web00 web0


Hiro Hito web00 web0

Borlaug web00 web0

Deming  web0

Toyota Founder. web0 (web 1 to 3)

Akio Morita Sony web0 (web 1)

Samsung founders webo to web 3

Gordon Moore web0 web1 (web 2, 3)

Steve Jobs web0 web1 web2

Wangari Maathai

Anglo Dutch Royal Familiies web00 to web 2 (web3)

James Wilson web00

Bagehot and Queen Victoria web00 web0


Its harder to suggest under 35s(eg less than quarer way through exponential of webbing) but why not start with

O Brown

Audrey Cheng

Chloe Kim



Sūn Yùnxuán  Morris Chang  from intel before intel Tadao Kashio 

kiichiri toyoda

samsung Lee Byung-chul

Ezra Voegel, Keiretsu Chaebol. Malcolm Mclean, sergei korolev, ak kalam, manmohan singh, Jagdish Gandhi Family

Gotlieb Daimler & Rudolf Diesel

Henry Ford and william Boeing

william barton rogers

also jack sim sanitation and bop hub; ck prahlad bop hub and intangibles (goodwill multipliers) as strategic advantage; kissinger continuity of most importamnt east-west adbanced sustainability driver; wangaari maathai adpatation climate solutions; gordon dryden web 1 education age (and part of web 2)

jh greathead, newton , galileo, christopher wren

paul polak great bottpm up inventor force (first invention tradle pump late 1970s

Editors notes - i am hear to learn -from your culture who did far better than anyone had right to expect from that point of time and all the pressures around her or him; my choices have sometimes omitted people who seemed to me to be brilaint multipliers of others already mentioned; we could certainly list many people who co-founded electricity but I have chosen alexander bell to reresent that moment (the first industrial revolution had been all about engine power; now electricity blended 2nd revolution of tele literally connecting people however distantly apart; one of the most intersteing case studies is the formation of the international telegrapphy union - you could defimne tele induistries as those nthat needed to colaborate worldwide because there would be no value in 2 telegraphy systems , 2 telephone systems- its ultimately mapping win-wins (way above zero sum games) that will determine the human races last chnace not to be bature's net doddo- stahely then maon economic profession up to keynes was about the philosophy (system esigns) of above zeo sum human development as was the gifts of bon neunammns peer networks- but then soon after jfk's death an opposite macroeconomic american school of system design took over -if your only measure of a system is how much can one side take every quaretr from ever other related group of humans then thats the mathematics of extinction- and sadly wherever america's long term trust has been lost in local areas since kennedy's death that is the maths problem which needs sorting - for americans be they 4% of the world or according to oxfam the 30 richest americans whose system printing paer dolars now represents)

If you diasgree with the above relarks - hey its a free speech world; before you tear up the game if there's even one sustainability goal that mattsres to you I would love to hear whose knowhow you would open source if you had a harry pooter wand and could ensure that knowhow was decentralsied into decsiion making out of every community


Mysecond reason is my fther had since meeting von neualnn in 1951 published deadlines for human sustainability - he thought 2000 would be the most critical deadline for mediating huamnity's biggest riskmis differenece in incomes and expectaions of peoples in rich and poor nations. When dad estimated this most vital mediation role ever would be scheduled for 2000- what he meant was the time when digital media was scaling to be as globally and lovcally ijpactful as tv braisdacst media. When you guestimate a timeline 16 years ahead- you are not aiming to be exact in the datestamping but you know what measure of future histiry you are conerned with; in this case chnage in the biggest way tat  propaganda is distributed. Clearly 9/11 can be interpreted as the wporld over shot the awareness deadline of gioal 1 end poverty - and as I look back on my afther's 1984 reasoning i so wish that the UN has published dad's one millnnium goals not its longer shopping list many of which were lacking (for example to say that up to 2015 the only education goal needed to unite nation was to snnd all children to primarily school doesnt match 5 generations of my family's support for education in the majority of countries we have wither lived in or know extraorinary community leaders in.

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