Saturday, December 31, 2016

 aug 2022 update - celebrating DS *SK &AC

Diva congratulations on your progress since we briefly met at a world bank youth summit 2016? where you were one of the world's first to entrepreneur for animals personal devices. (Have you ever talked to David Attenborough's family about that?) Was it same summit that Audrey revealed her roll out of coding schools starting with Kenya and currently meta-connecting through her new role Discord Miami.

I would love to know who at stanford most links the futures you are co-creating.. I am a fan of global education prizes including Hong Kong's Yidan & Abed Luminaries. (actually i have long list of hk entrepreneurs who inspire me but thats another story) Technically Yidan's partnership director is also an entrepreneur in residence at Stanford. (and of course Taiwanese American Jerry Yang sometimes seems to be holding all of youth's world together in spite of his unusually calming presence compared with eg another genius like Musk) 

Around 2008 i was distributing 2000 of muhammad yunus books free including 200 I gave to georgetown and 200 to microcreidtsummit's sam daley harris; dad also asked that his remembrance party at The Economist would debate whether asian womens empowerment was the ;last antidote to subprime


Back at Stanford, I also wonder if its easy for you to chat with Condoleeza Rice. Dad met a young condoleeza playing tennis at the british embassy- she is probably the most undervalued female politician in usa (though I dont claim to know how to model such deep kindness/patience as a person like her)

  Around 2008 I had wanted to include Georgetown's samira to connect as much as possible of what on earth was yunus, clinton, biden, obama etc to be about; our diaries didn't quite meet. Since then her rising exponential has been wonderful. Thanks initially to Japan Ambassador staging 2 remembrance parties to dad, I went over to bangladesh 16 times only to find that Yunus was losing his bank and that anyhow what i myself most wanted to study was the 30 deepest collaborations fazle abed www.abedmooc.com had built with a billion village women. His solutions are still not taught fully anywhere in america in spite of promises by 2 billionnaires who own universities or department buildings. Jim kim gave some explanations as to why because the clintons and microcreditsummit undervalued Abed but that doesnt for me explain why he too went on to do the same. 


I wanted to ask you three - would you be ok if I added Vriti to this conversation - she has aweb3 education solution that I guess fazle abed would have wanted to linkin if he was still on this earth

Thank you for all your superpower contributions- stay safe

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PS My main contact inside world bank 2022 https://www.linkedin.com/in/mnsabimana/ the Rwandian Diaspora guy (actually his dad was one of the nation's leaders assassinated in the genocide when Maurice was 3 months old) who has been the bank's main statistician of food prices for 16 years now. That seems a vital deep data learning source. If you think of anyone I should be linking please say.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

core business

What is worth noting here, is the powerful feature of live broadcast available within Taobao. The live stream option allows online shop owners to engage customers, allowing them to participate in live auctions or demonstrations of various products being sold. Users are free to interact with store owners by typing through the chat displayed on the bottom of the livestream. Thanks to these live commercials, the MAU skyrocketed, bringing about a 100 percent increase over the year. The virtuous cycle brought about by live broadcasts and short clips further drove purchases and increase annual active consumers.
Alibaba Q1 segment reporting
June Quarter Segment reporting by Alibaba Group
Furthermore, cross-border and international retail continued to show promising growth as well. Net revenue gained from international e-commerce retail amounted to 4,316 million yuan in the quarter ending on June 30, 2018. This was yet another incredible 64 percent year-on-year growth.
Daniel Zhang, CEO of the Alibaba Group says that, “Alibaba had another excellent quarter, with significant user growth and even more robust engagement across our growing ecosystem.”
Zhang also indicates that Alibaba will continue to tap into big markets beyond e-commerce with digital entertainment and local services that will provide more value and additional choices to consumers along the consumption continuum.