Monday, August 9, 2021

tokyo 2020 without fans and sponsor number 1

 youth so badly needed last chance sdgs 2020s to connect all positive forces climate, health, education transfprmation in line with sustainability skills all needed and could be multi-win borderless collaborations - jack ma had such hopeful plans in sponsoring the olympics -weforum 2017 and the chances that japan g20 3 asian oylpics korea tohyo beijing could have helped all asian youth unite as the ai age redoubles every opportunity and risks seemed so happy

we continue to hope asians will find ways to reconnect- when it coes to sustaining communities; linking infrastructures; deep sdg challeges asians have the experiece, the west does not

lets start again at www.japanthanks.com or if you value uniting asian youth as sustainability gerneration lets exchange maps chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk