Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Home - ThinkInChina even if it doesnt credit ying lowrey she is very closely associated with it and eg arranged for martina to host a lot of chinese students in italy and get cheng li from brookings to tutor them and this is also why she is very strongly connected with italy chamber of commerce-  by now there are probably many chambers of commerce that ying and her students exchange through both in beijing and nationally - eg she seems busy linking in sweden this summer and certainly has done parts of germany in past- of course mostifa can finds out more as they wechat

we really ought to get on their 2018-2019 agenda- mostofa maybe you could find out from ying the dates of their first events in august or september- can someone either speak about the bangladesh gathering (girls greatest ngo tech partnership meets china greatest tech for youth researchers) or at least announce dialogue is starting and see if  brac u or somewhere can be welcoming committee as someone this network can also ask question to  (eg i havent found out whether brac has an intern alumni contact point but something is needed to effectively mirror how china values its youth knowing which youth in every country or every summit netwrk are sgd -committed- would you believe in chjna the mass media strongly helps youth in these regards? )

in addition the space they regularly use is close to the campus gate of tsinghua is a huge cafe owned by a very friendly lady called lily who seemed to say anything connected with youth and girls sustainability she would always try and help open space to

you can look at website and see history of alumni-speakers etc   1 2  3

Beijing team 2017-18

Martina Poletti (Italy), Project General Manager, Junior Research Fellow, Torino World Affairs Institute (T.wai)
Bulat  Nurmukhanov (Russia), Project Officer, Special Projects Department, Moscow Centre for International Cooperation

Rebecca Arcesati (Italy), TIC Special Projects Manager, Yenching Scholar, Peking University
Andrea, Barbieri (Italy), TIC Associate Beijing, Prospect MA Student, Graduate Institute of Geneva
Thiago Bessimo (Brazil), TIC Associate Beijing, Yenching Scholar, Peking University
Alessia Bonato (Italy), TIC Associate Beijing, MA Student, University of Torino and BFSU
Vincenzo Casciaro (Italy), TIC Associate Beijing, MA Student, University of Torino and BFSU
Luis Felipe Checa (Peru), TIC Associate Beijing, Schwarzman Scholar, Tsinghua University
Otávio Costa Miranda (Brazil), TIC Associate Beijing, BA Student, Renmin University of China
Sara Paganini (Italy), TIC Associate Beijing, MA Student, University of Torino and BFSU
Ruslan Pentyskul (Ukraine), TIC Associate Beijing, MBA Student, Renmin University of China
Julia Oliveira Rosa (Brazil), TIC Associate Beijing, MA Student, Renmin University of China
Theresa Stubhan (Germany), TIC Associate Beijing, Yenching Scholar, Peking University

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