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before we get to what jack ma is doing - we need to understand what he needs- he needs one of his top 5 tech subrands to represent girl empowerment - the bird logo of bkash may well be the future of that

breaking feb18 alibaba chooses singapore as first university partnership outside china
breaking news alibaba tech

  • Artificial Intelligence Enters the Fashion World: Alibaba Hosts the First Global Fashion AI Algorithm Challenge
  • Fashion meets technology! On March 12th, Alibaba AI will open a new cross-border chapter - jointly launching FashionAI Global Challenge 2018 with Institute of Textile & Clothing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (hereinafter referred to as PolyU's ITC) and The Textile Institute
  •  2018-03-12     From: Alibaba Tech

  • Inside the Chinese lab that plans to rewire the world with AI
  • Alibaba is investing huge sums in AI research and resources—and it is building tools to challenge Google and Amazon.
  • 0,1 jack ma often gives back to places where he is most appreciated- see this video with award to ma ad octorate  and how speech typifies Ma's concern to change education round jobs

    0,1.1 this podcast described how in 2015 jack ma wanted to do something for youth in hong kong - announced 100 million dolar fund both for pitching and interning A Look (& Listen) Inside Alibaba's Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund

    0.2 EASTTECH worldwide
    uniquely for china jack has very pooitive relatins in hong kong taiwan and japan - all places that invested in him early 2000s while no internet companies were in favor in china-together with s korea and singapore, these advanced eastern hemisphere developing nations can take tech to advancing human lot in ways silicon valley tech cant-

    0.2.1the question remains will ultra poor labs be included - i think that something brac-clubs should keep on asking of course with added emphasis of ultra poorest girls; is it possible to re-release consuder bangladesh mix it with the stories of yunus growing up with 2 giants but now make bkash, brac and jack ma those 2 -way channles of how youth in each nmatiuon can helpo each others sustainabiliuty chalenged communities';also stories of what bracs main tech paryners eg gates say- bkash has become his favorite banking model! and it could yet be soros' about the only petrson who can get columbia or berkeley to live up to previous if no longer curriculum partnerships with brac uni

    0.2.2 jack will love that if bkash leaders say that is part of their mission but if for some reason the quadirs dont fully include the brac mission in their early planning with jack ma the opportunity might be missed; i know that for 10 years jack has been trying to underdstand the very best of bangaldesh but he has so much to do now that bkash ultra needs a voice - a dedicatrion to sir fazle's life worlks if you will- this is where part of our agenda with shameran may be secondf meetin g mostofa and sultan to try to get into sharean mind how much alumni of sultans school want to live upo to the future sir fazle would stand for if he were 45 agian and leadin g negotiatiomns with ma

    bteween now and may 2019 xi jinping aims to have at least 100 national leaders trusting several to one development dicsussion around china- often jack ma is brought in if national leaders want to dicsuss start up culture now that china has 5 million startups a year amd is exploring internet relations to sustainability goals not the us internet purpose for big business leaders and big media intrests only

    0.2 xi jinpoing has assigned about 8 sipercity roles- taht of jack ma's city leads social and colaboration apps (what guterres has called global 2 action solutins not just endless chat)

    0.2.1 with unctad he has selected entrepreneur cohorts to train from develoing countries where he spoken with unctad
    37 asian entrpreneurs "efounders" were trained for fortnight last month in hangzhou called efounders described here -why not bangaldesh up this next round; november had seen first 28 local entrepreneurs trained from africa

    0. further ma believes the majority of education needs new curricula and new modalities eg peer to peer- he has announced this will be his main responsibility from sponsoring tokyo olympics onwards; prior to this he has record of starting experiments where he visits, 


    37 Asian entrepreneurs join Alibaba’s eFounders Initiative

    there is a lot of coordination between where jinoping puts effort and where ma pouts effort- because china is claimiing 2 of its 4 innovations of value everywhere are ecomerce and mobile cash- for example all brics leaders have tabled they want to hear from ma; moreover one of the things that ecommerce is impacting is t5hat real trade is reducing customs forms at boirders to one instead of many different bureaucracies; we try and study upcoiming summit agendas at economistdiary.com - because of india elections next year the next 6 months are expected to have a lot of china - s asia conversations many of which jack ma and so potentially bkash could be part of ; ultimately the opportunity is to get india youyth technolgists and bangla and chiense doing some joint innovations round ma's big data small and sme livelihood designs of world trade

    3 While alibaba has made purchases in many tech companies,

    I am not aware of him forming a purchase partnership with a worlrldranked fintech bkash and with education partners of brac 

    therefore bangaldesh could become a lab second only to china - my recommendation is find every brac connected institution that will help youth and younger staff (who see tech will  come to brac hq in next 10 yeras as well as everywhere else- can branstorm ideas of what could next transfornmatuion of bangladesh be-  brac university hackathons could now be in to league of world hackathons- thjemed clubs that get year round youyth meeting up could then be franchised to universities around the world building on bangaldesh's special charcteristics- gorl empowerment, and ultra poor connection with all 17 goals (while china has about 3 billion neioghbors its the 2 billion in th south west arc that is s. asia which it knows have the greatest development needs - what ma and brac learn could be replicable across s,asia - for example currently alibaba owns the number 1 browser used in mobiles in india - but opportunity windows like this often require innovation in 6 months not 6 years that non-digital markets often work on

    4 while there is cultural trust to build on each side and bkash has a lot of its focus to upgrade one can argue that china is the only country that jack ma has potentially such big data permissiuonsd as bangaldesh now gives- for ma most big dayta analysis is done for big organisation- a core innovation of alibaba is big data local benefoits

    5 in some ways alireserach foundation is jack ma's RED (of brac); from the getgo its being publishing hiostory of allbaba tests= fortyunately there is an excellent book on this by ying lowrey at tsinghua who we have met- we believe at every level - education, tech, new devlopment banking corridors- exhnages with tysinghua should start with brac and indeed with all who develop freindship between china and bangaldesh using the bkash-ma movement as a benchmark

    6 as well as the alireserach foundation which from 2004 has eixsted eg to train vilagers in ecommerce and help regions turn selected crops into national or international quality - see book alibaba way by ying lowrey who runs a course on this at tsinghua and is main beijing represnetative of aliresearch team-back in 2008 there were only a handful of tech startups- now there are 5 million a yera- aliba is one of the 3 main incubatiors and thge ebtrepreneur suburb in beijing at the gates of tsighua univeristy is the bencmark for alln supercity entrepreneur clubs; this spoace also hots the club of the 50 wealthest china entrpreneurs who want to chnage the world - jack chiars it and has been asked to connect this with jinpoings visions

    6,1moreover when ying heard that yuxuan was spending year in serve china they became best of friends - even jack ma hasnt yet sent 1000 top gradiates to lve in vilages for a yera to specify missing tech

    7 becuase china was first to host g20 after un sustainability goalos jacvk ma put about 6 months into preparing hangzhou g20 - some of the documents are here- his main announcement- in aiming to develop a global free etrade platform for smes he would fund the first 2 EWTP countries- malaysdia has taken up that offer

    -8a there are extraordinary partnres o - eg bijing's national poverty association on blockchain

    8b alibaba annually host cloud, green and other tech entrprenur countries with established funds in china, hong kong etc

    inspired by the annual china world economic forum of top 10 tech industries in play by 2025 that will either create jobs or decomate them jack is 15 months in investing 15 billion dolar dfa,mo academy- this is world elading stuff on future of ai blockchain big data small platformd whilst at smae time ma had gone out of hids way to open branches in underlooked places ehg isrela moscow;; these are not necessarily large but very focused tech hubs; one could imagine opne of tehse aliongisde bkash as putting bangaldesh on jack ma's world class map of tech who want to app the futiure 

    neither jinping and m,awant this said but theoir visions are inseparable if you understand the combination of thingds that hapened in 2008:
    western banks failed; china did not yet have credit cards - jack ma became the micredit card before any china big banks

    in china the smartp;hine becaome the universal device to design intrerent companies around

    jinping was being groomed for leaidng china from 2013- giving away e-media to 3 people of the quality of patritism of jacm ma ensured that china would never ned upo with us fame medi facebook; tpoday cgtin declares china's 4 mdern inventiosn wutb a twist are ecommerce mobile money shared biccycles, fasdt trains- specifically china leads various clusters on nations gopupsd like brics and sco- jinping has got national leaders to demand china ecomerce trading; meanwheile jack ma has been perfecting 3000 leaders one day msaterclass see toronto http://www.gateway17.com

    wherever a sustainability goal or key service sectior will, only include ultyra poor in the tech, its really only jack ,ma and brac can choose the partnbers to do this-it twons with every belt rop0ad map china makes on infrastructire snd new dev banking

    there is also some othert stiff oln ma at will you partner world record jobs 

    nite i will keep working oin this tromoroiw but i laso need alibaba way back

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