Saturday, December 27, 1997

1997 vilage girl health and empowerment changes education and economics

see 11 years research on brac - www.brac.tv www.fazleabed.com and adam smith scholars launch iof journal of social business with muhhamd yunus-  compare how differet our research 2008-2018 is from the media coverage of microcreditsummit -debate how on human development and womens sustainability goals western media has spiralled into ever faker orbit5s since the 1990s not just with anti-social new media like facebook ;ask how on earth did oxfam get taken over by womens trafficcing networks in places like haiti...;. so called charity (not for profits) have done awful things like us gymnatic olympics as major sporting rape network (how the olymplics helped bankrupt greece and ceruainly didnt add to orginsary people lot in brazil at a time that petrobas had main corruption the no0rm amongst administators in a country that ashoka claimed to be its main american space for good), and fifa house of red cards with swiss banking the greatest waste of wealth created by youth through decade to 2016

note how starngte kit is the ko0re someon calls themself an social ebtr[preneur the less they seem concerned with scaling and cooip-eratuoin with pothers who want ssutainability gaols siolutions to scale- thi9s is the opposite to the value of entreprenejur my father at the economis cpoined in the term entrepreneurial revolution in tghe economsit and made his lifes work

a reason why we valu8e brac as the number 1 case all women and fr5eidns of woemn need to study as a curriculum is that it scales (smalol may be beautofiful byt in bangaldesh larges scale is absolutely essential) and it tackles depeest ;poverty solutions- if you afre based on teh ground - forming part5etships by living and learning wit6h poorest women you have teh trust6 permisskions to help woemn innovate what they njeed next- brac was never about finance at6 its or5igin it was ablouth hel.at6h, education, food securitu microfranchises and self-sufficency in the colmminty - once it had webbed anough peer tpo peer solutions i9t needed a system of finacing - this turned 2 mkodels on the convention l wsiadom head on onternational aid- never5 giv e, never professioanlise asisteance when you could start voilage women in busien ss and they could become self -sufficient - only give when scaling has a dmeonstarbe reuslt evferyone can celebarte like teaching viklage mothers oral rehydarion brung down infant deaths form 25% of all infants to norms in oethr poorest places

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