Sunday, December 27, 1998

1998 year of loveq can change world

chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk writes between 1994 and 2005 i did a lot of research round european union- this began with the biggest ever national survey of how eu spent funds in a country portugal pedip 1994 and involved 3 years elapsed time as volunteer coordinator of knowledegboard virtual and intercity debates on connectiion between emptional intelligences and the eu's stated goal of 2000 to be knowledge manage leading contiunental region-

this work brodged my deep personal interests in place branding - a gentre my father and I helped laucnh as the last network he embedded with journalist of The Economist 1988 - see also year of the brand and our5 1989 book world class brands ( at that timke and still singpoare remains a basic case for understandking decades of work a national leadership team needs consistently to connect to be one of the wprlds most6 truetsed places for reconciling co0mflicts as well as teh smarest educatyion hub in tghe wprld)

 dut=ring taht time we peopels across europe invengted colaboratuo0n cafe as a one hyou8r version of open space 3 day events and star5ted tpo develop a ranking o0f colabioration cities ofr su8stainabili9ty goals- there were connect6iuosn with practice groups particularly thise concerened wiuth risk such as fi9rst responders and thye survive annual summkit of internal auditoirs - we were keynoted by john banham that incvesturs should demand at annual general meetings - market eladesr eplain their secorts greatest risk/extermalsiation and invi9te all other trusted players in matket to cooperate around ending externalisation

goleman's work connected with inatangobles prism work on how to measure goodwill was unseen wealth which until 2003 was very hot out of brusseels but whose founding hit a sudden brick wall because of ca chnage of p;olitical dynasty

all of these dialogues have made my freinds and newtorks evry7 concerned wit6h metrucs at the opposite end to iq - in 2016 jack ma launched these as loveq at the Un education commisiion spet 2016

out of london hubs conecerned with gamdhi's ideas of lover5ty and poverty talisman, which also conncetd woth the green foci of the attenboroughts, bbc batoire cooerspondents and prince charles also linked to wirk done by james park at the antidote encouarging inner ckity schools to benchamrk metrics of emotional intelligtnenec

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