Monday, January 4, 2021

how many roles must aman walk down before ..

 jack maapparently ended being chief decisin maker for alibaba in sept 2019- he wanted to focus onbeducation, health, green and youth's heroes eg arts/sports - olympics as stahes where youth own the future's their generation needs to sustain - the opposite of old peoples media thoogh hopefull what we the parents of this world live for

as of nov 2020 it had been quite a year

jack published the wuhan frint line healthworkers lesoons book

he had chaired the un digital cooperation report changing the focus of guterres leadership; he had helped the un celebrate african youth entrepreneurs

his 15 billion dollar r&d of ai network had branched through interesting spaces from west coast usa to hangzhou via israel and moscow and indded wherever younbg tech people had least oportunity to co-create humans ai world

he remained cheer of two of china's most innovative business clubs As chairman of both the China Entrepreneur Club and the General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs,

yet everything he had hoped to connect korean, japanese chinese youth celebrating was torn aunder by the virus canceling the olympics 

his november sppech in shanghia is fascinating as it clarifies how the elders world of valuation no longer can sustain what humans locally need most to unite and yet the media owner of the hk paper publishing this is himself caught in waves of different chinese and global authorities

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