Sunday, January 6, 2019

ai-humani - the next 100 moon races

back in imagine's 1960s -the part of americas moon race that excited me most: freeing www.digitalcooperation.org of 5000 youth on one goal with no silos (not corporate not gov not university) -today we have 1000 times more technology - at http://AIdemocracy.com call this AI-HumanI -

 for China sustainability race is not an option- this starts with  launch of 5 AIBeltRoads - one inside china around the fifth of the world's people - another wherever india's another fifth of the world's people want to join in - then there is big land and arctic circle moon race to china's north - and japan kprea and superport islands are already starting their joint missions impossible-possible www.economistdiary.com

there are many ways to AI- for example you can ask a robot to learn for you - it now costs less than 7000 dollars (source joi ito MIT media lab at NY Japan Society) for a child to send a small smart experiment into space; 

5 of Jack Ma's First 100 Lab Partnerships

or we can ask a Hugo award-winning female chinese science fiction writer to write a loveq short story and we can give it to one of UN or WEF friends of jack ma's universities www.alibabauni.com  or intercity hubs or www.maOlympics.com expos of youth  to tell us whats not possible- this month china started AI at primary level- its important that teacher training robots learn with young girls first - this will help china collaborate with any nation that wants to go beyond #metoo #theeconomist @obamauni to women hold up half the sky - to ensure every next girl born is as free to join the AI-HumanI moon races on earth as any next boy www.worldclassnations.com www.1461.world chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk www.worldrecordjobs.com www.economistdiary.com


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