Tuesday, October 9, 2018

latest blockchain city/nation review

last month in DC i heard that a blockchain law from Liechtenstein is now best for the world- i kid you not in these days when it takes 9 hours of live tv for us congress not to find out who's true in a 15 years old he said she said 

a small nation ( previously L's main export was one ski slope for tourism) thats interested can write up a concept ;law and whisper that all decent blockchain technologists like it and take it to the eu and the eu's top financiers can go into a tizzy because they cant write smart new laws like this in a hundred years let alone the 3 months it took Liech -and oh yes if DC doesnt like Liechtestein having the most valuable financial law in the world it will be pretty difficult to arrange sanctions to block this ski slope place

if you go near the end of the csis briefing you wil see me asking a different question from will liechenstein change financial laws for ever- more modestly i wondered : is there an example of a supply chain blockchain that is actually doing good for poorest farmers - i think the experts said not really because ibm watson does that but for big clients

- however there was someone for usaid there who convenes internal summits on blockchain and he sort of promised to report back if he finds a different answer

the timeline to june 2019 now gets very interesting because asian infranstructure investment banks 80 nations brainstorming developmement banking that the g7 (bretton wood of what development can fund) has never offered arrives for its annual summit in luxembourg june 2019 continuing a relay from Mumbai 2018 and korea 2017 -- and sir danny alexander who leads the tech side of this has every professor from the lse who knows anything at his call - in patticular note lord stern has now co-created a G20 eminent financial expert panel- while its first announcement 18 months ago in korea sounded as if it would wake up argentinian g20 I am now expecting that to be a dummy dress rehearsal  

also one has to ask is blockchain part of the remit opf the world economic forum hubs for industrial revolution 4- while wef also started in a swiss ski slope this hubs appear in beijing tokyo and san francsico - they seem to be the second intercity academy of humanising techs next 5 years - jack ma started the game nearly 3 years ago :15 billion  $ research linking a DAMO academy wherever tech wizards yes you can do bog data small or 5G AI for all

meanwhile 3 months earlier melinda gates and jack ma will deliver their report on digital cooperation  to the UN head Guterres and in time for it to be shared with 100 national leaders each debating one or more of the top 13 belt road maps under the wise moderation of xi jinping in april

beijing is an ingteresting place- i had bought my toclket to attend a worldwide bloickchain summit in beijing to find the governmentg had canceleed it as hgaving too many speculatoirs at it- i am pretty suere the 5 mlost relevant china thimktannks are on the blockchain case

as may be toronto where guru do ntapscott says that anygthing you hoped the web would open space but didnt can now be blockchained- fortunatley the only leader of th g7 china wholly trusts is canada's trudeau as he helped make china's g20 the only really human g20 that has so far happened; of course those who folow tyhe inviosible mans hand will hope that jack ma's influence so wisely mediating civil society groups at hangzhou g20 will come tpo to,lyo g20 and his co-sponsorship of the tokyo olympics

i am preety sure that cool blockchain networks are emerging in the emirates -= it connects with their yout desperately finding a sector their to lead (expect the uae 2020 Expos to contribute big clues to that) when oil is gone as the main energy source. This may need to be sooner than you think if climate latest exponential risks are publicly understood
we keep on searching = the catch 22 is if blockchain never delivers sustaonability solutions then maybe we are all for the dodo anyway but then a lot of pioneers in this field are playing on that idea but speculating the guts out of trust in any coin or other blockcian token

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