Friday, August 31, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang

Wired UK takes an in-depth look at Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang's string of successes, as well as the path he may take and the challenges he faces as the group's future executive chairman.

Meet the Next Generation of Alibaba's Leaders

The South China Morning Post looks at the group of Alibaba executives born post-1970 who will take the company to the next level in its quest to do business for at least 102 years. Also, the paper earlier delved into the 36-member partnership that is the foundation of Alibaba's decision-making process.

How Jack Ma Became the Role Model for China's Startup Generation

The success of Jack Ma and Alibaba have made startups an acceptable career choice, turning China into one of the biggest technology markets in the world. Read the Bloomberg story.

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