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Thursday, November 23, 2017

cgtn  today launched race for ai plan: world leader by 2030 ; major breakthroughs 2025 - goal 22 bn $ ai industry by 2020 up to 59 billion (check sounds low) by 2025

china britain fusion planning huge londo-china summit in china next year
-uk companies featured illumr (huge data into 3 d), robots of london

interviewee bruce nikko
bat companies use platform to collect huge data - necessary first stage for all smart machine learning
gives china huge heads up
bats also nurturing huge ai workforce world wide with additional backing of chiense government and kits belt road investment mapping

image voice language recognition are worldwide junction needs
apps smart ities brain to control traffc, urgent emdial servoices

or face recognition making  mobile cash work'

simulatemeous translation of mother tongues

ai creates lots of new jobs opportunities- needs basic education to be more digitally savvy

Friday, October 13, 2017

tokyo a damo 7 city?

At world economic forum jan 2017, jack ma described tokyo olympics as a crossriads in his life - be surprising if tokyo and la another olymplics coty to come (which alreadu has big media invetsments of ali) aren't pivotal to the map of 7 city of damo
legend E & W indices represent world record job creators, E indices special thanks to amychina.net

gateway17.com when (sept 017) E2  jack ma appeared to train 3000 canadians in ecommerce the mayor of toronto , the governor of ontario and the prime minster  W4 Justin Trudeau of the country turned up as do ambassadors - it would surprise us if toronto isn't a Damo city and its near enough to link in all the wiz of boston and other east coast and northern lake usa

when hangzhou hosted china g20 trudeau came over early - he pioneered the first major country pavillion for canada on the ali baba campus and may of joined in one of the china all-entrepreneur club sessions jack ma chairs out of Beijing

of "advanced western countries" Canada was a leader in starting g20, demanding space so that national leaders could meet china as nation which sustainability generation is most interdependent on ... intriguingly canada and mexico and china are 3 leading countries to beleive that in our netwirking age great walls are the greaest nationa disadvantage imaginable ...

canadians are suddenly demanding their students travel- first noted this when the governor general came to dc to award 1776 hub prize for inspiring a way to co-create youth exchanges; paradoxically only 5% of undergraduate courses used to have a traveling component in spite of canada being proud of its diaspora populations including over 1 million canadian chinese

gateway17 was first trialled in detroit michigan whose governor has also visited beijing to connect win-win world trades- there was a large canadian delegation at detroit- for the purposes of damo lets call detroit aand toronto sister cities, and ontarion and michigan sister states- although the us congress now worls as hard as possible to destroy sustainable futires of american youth, states are freeing their youth with alaska misouri and michigan the first 3 to friend beijing in comprehensive win-win trades

india 7 city of damo

when it comes to fintech and new development banking - china and india cheerlead the world - so it would seem natural in humanrech is to include india in Damo's 7 cities, and bangalore would seem likely destination city - modi loves hackathons and if modi and jinping can have enough win-wins to keep over a third of te workld busy with humantech and sustainability goals that will be a joy for worldwide under 30s everywhere

Sunday, October 1, 2017

7 choices already made?
report from Isreal's globes.co.il

The Chinese ecommerce giant is opening seven R&D labs around the world including one in Tel Aviv.

Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba has announced that it is opening an R&D lab in Israel. Speaking at Alibaba's Computing Conference in China, CTO Jeff Zhang unveiled a $15 billion global research program, which includes opening seven R&D labs worldwide over the next three years in Tel Aviv, 

Alibaba moves Seattle hub to Bellevue with 40 employees ... - GeekWire

https://www.geekwire.com › Tech

Aug 6, 2016 - Alibaba CTO Jeff Zhang speaks at the company’s Technology Forum in Bellevue, Wash., on Saturday. Alibaba has moved its Seattle engineering office to Bellevue, the Chinese tech giant confirmed today. ... Alibaba first opened a secretive Seattle office in 2014, just down the street ...

5 Alibaba Jobs in Bellevue, WA | LinkedIn

https://www.linkedin.com › Jobs › Alibaba Jobs
Alibaba jobs, careers, employment in Bellevue, WA. Quantum Positions - Aliyun Quantum Laboratory (AQL) ... A theoretically-trained researcher having an interest to develop engineering skills is encouraged to apply and will be provided the corresponding training opportunities.
and Singapore. 
Zhang said that Alibaba is initially seeking to recruit 100 talented researchers from around the world.
Zhang said, "Research areas will cover data intelligence, the Internet of Things, fintech, quantum computing and human-machine interaction. Within those areas, you’ll see a focus on such real-world applications as machine learning, network security, visual computing, natural language processing, among others."

Saturday, September 30, 2017

asean has been described as a cross-cultural miracle and perhaps the 1970s catalyst of the pathway china took in coming out from the behind the great wall

malaysia became the first EWTP nation outside China - EWTP nations will probably lead jack ma's worldwide job creation plans even fatser than DAMOcity download small enterprise china g20 report chaired by ALI BABA JACK MA -and see why greatest #learinggeneration thanks hangzhou in happiest collaboration opportunities ever played

singapore is the signature city of asean region (arguably the greatest kearning island on earth with the happiest and wealthiest people a 5 million nation can sustain)  as well as the wealthiest per capita - it would be good in singapore can also host island city hi-tech collaborations - maybe its politically incoirrect for me but i feel hong kong and taiwan have innovated so  much and while i believe in the one system approach we need youth exchngaes between all suoercities if damo is to empower the whole ssutainability generation

1 Xi Jinping (Rejuvenation global2.0; world's most transparent maps on win-win trade for allE99 Lee Kuan Yew E2 Sir Fazle Abed (world's favorite educator eg empowered girls to resolve poverty's greatest challenges, BRAC & Bkash) 
E3 Jack Ma leapfrog tech (big data small), ecommerce curriculum as one of china's 4 greatest inventions 1 -IR4  can develop 10 times bigger people-centred economics)  E98 Gandhi & Montessori & Mandela,  E4 Nilekani (bridges to English as 2nd most valuable language in world Modi, Kalam, Singh) W1 Tim Berners Lee (the www , we havent seen it yet- human collaboration can be so much bigger, bridge to any mit lab with human app)W2 Jim Kim being healthcare most courageous public servant lads to being the sanest western voice in world banking and most peace-loving North Korean American; ; W3 Pope Francis and W99 Pope John Paul; W4 Justin Trudeau , W5 Michael Palin, W6 Henry Kissinger -superpower mediator extraordinaire; E5 Yo-Yo Ma, IM pei.. Chengl Li Cultural leadsers sans frontieres; W7 George Soros; W8 Larouche family; W9 Williams & Freling & Prince Charles, Princess Anne;  E6 President Jae-in Moon and Governor Won; E7 Zhang Yue E8 Lei Jun, W10 Team Skoll including Briilliant & Gore & Oxbridge, W94 Ray Andersen W11 Team Branson including Bcorps , Steve Case 1776 hubs, and Climate War Room; W9 Team ted turner including jimmy carter, Rosa Parks lawyer (Tuskegee's  Booker T-W), and michelle bachelet, W12 Guterres, W13 Steven Shriver and Ban Ki-Moon, W14 Chris Patten, W15 Bangla-Americans including Quadir Brothers and Sal Khan, W16 Harrison Owen & Open Space storytelling alumni, E9 Muhammad Yunus, W99 Florence Nightingale (inc crick institute eg Paul Nurse) and Alexander Fleming and John Hopkins; W98 Adam Smith, James Wilson, and W Bagehot; W97 Keynes; W96 Deming E97 Akio Morita, E10 Toyota Foundations eg Abdul Latif, E11 UAE education hubs for valuing youth livelihoods eg Varkey and WISE, W95 Baltimore's founding daughters of social justice UB net including alumn Thurgood Marshall; W17 Don Tapscot ; W18 Paul Polak, E12 Pony Ma, E13 Rhen Zhengfei (Huawei), E14 Guo Guangchang (fosun) E15 Liu Chuanzhi (lenovo)E16 Feng Lun (vanton), E17 Yuriko Koike and Abe, e18 Li Ka-shing founder ckgsb e19 moreno, blum and perini, E20 robin li  W19 Thorkil Sonne, E21 Richard Liu JD w20 founder tesla w21 jeff bezos e22 founder of serve china. e23 satoshi, W22 negropronte, W23 Joi Ito, W24 Rosalind Picard
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