Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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 hello jacqueline my father was the economist's sub-editor of using tech to end poverty and celebrate next generation friendships  between east-west; as well as south north -37 years ago i coauthored with him a sdg countdown called www.2025report.com ;  dad was a teenager navigating allied bomber command stationed in burma with bengal to  west, asean south, china-korea-japan north- the first annual survey the economist let him sign after 15 years working there celebrated the rise of japan - his teenage enemy- and how japan could win-win across 2/3 people who are asian- prince charles liked dads 1962 survey and attended 1964 tokyo olympics and signed up akio morita/sony as first inward investor- when my dad contracted cancer at age of 80 the one place he felt he never surveyed was bangladesh- so he sponsored 15 student journalist visits to bangladesh; i made the mistake of first organising celebrations of yunus but in 2009 we hosted a small birthday party to yunus at grameen headquarters and invited directors from brac- yunus was furious for reasons that took me a while to understand- yunus had already got unknown to me in a terminal political war- so most of the journalist visits we arranged soon moved over to brac fazle abed; the japan embassy in dhaka staged 2 remembrance parties to dad with fazle abed as chief guest- this was where we heard of the 2 most futuristic projects of the digital age that abed added in 2010s - a collaboration between universities prepared to change curricula around youth as sdg generation and www.bkash.com the number 1 partnership in digital cash for the poorest; i know whos who in these 2 newest partnership networks but its only the university networks where i have connections at every level of decision making at brac university; the death of abed in dec 2019 and covid have made things complex; fortunately 5 generations of my diaspora scot family regard glasgow as home and what adam smith wrote as the basis for hi-trust community to community development- so we are trying to invite every abed friend network to link in with nationals from glasgow university before cop26 glasgow in november - please ask me more questions if different stages of above interest you - while 50 universities are now linked to brac university the billionnaire leading their funding isnt priotising all the asian connections fazle would have recommended- so its complex but the brand partnerships are and goodwill statistics are my profession ; i would like every under 30s youth to start with fazle abed knowhow if they are to become the sdg generation- for family reasons i am located in washngton dc but if the virus goes away i would be commuting 2021 berween dc glasgow and singapore as the first asian students fazle hoped would connect with brac... i am also at email chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk and whats app/mobile +1 240 316 8157

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