Friday, December 31, 1999

arts - first of youth's 52 weekly challenges of 2019 /from girls- dear jack can you help

from UNwomens linkin weekly challenge (half the world's questions to jack ma): happy 2019.1 

can you help arts change education and youth livelihoods and renew every community as a place of joy?- 

what about a tripadvisor to replicable ways youth can celebrate arts in every city and village if educatirs help?
- example tour  icaf number 1 in teachers-student arts summit -ugent diary date 2019 week before USA independence day -singforhope number 1 in valuing how capital city share music in over 600 disadvantaged community centres - beijing painters community wanting to be number 1 with you in how artist soirees can renew communities ... vaticans premioscacca.it number 1 in annual summit of how a young person's passion -eg photography of wildlife can change teaching in every community with kids [passionate about wildlife? when the pope visits a place like japan nov 2019 why dont locals ask him how to extend premiosciacca to their place- 

how can women lead the arts in such a way that women hold up half the sky in every matter of business and society -what is the connection between arts and whether local fashions can be more sustainable than global ones?

-how does digital change human possibilities - AIdemocracy.com and universityofstars.tv ask: is there already a most artistic AI humanoid- a sister of Sophia? 

 ...when youth first meet across 2 previously hostile borders what arts events can celebrate each others cultures? how does virtual reality exploration change smart tourism - eg sister cities which share each others happiest arts, foods, celebrations of nature and of children - will unhabitas 2020 report of supercities explicitly benchmark how arts and supercities sustain the peoples --if there was a bit coin of the arts which could only be bought and sold by under 30s artists-could we develop a trip advisors to each artists project network as a way of identifying the currency's transparent purpose

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