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Japan Calculatir manufactures

Moore's Intel

Cjina taiwan chip foundry

Mediating  Golden Triangle of Expoenetial Human Development

3 questions that fascinate me

B who transparently mapped win-win trades across places

E who advanced human lot with innovations in engineering

I who advanced what we mean by developing a child's intelligence to make the world and communies better

Its true that I ask these questions from tyhe peculair viewpoint of the Diaspora Scots. Scota (lie the Irish) may be 1/400 th of the human race, with three quarters of us sustaining families around the world outside our homeland-9at our best we love to see diversity of peoples and nature win-win-win)

 Probably the most relevant story anyone needs to know about the scots is we tried ti dig the panama canal 50 years before inventing engines. The Panama incident bankrupted our nation so by 1758 when Adam Smoth questioned what were transoarent markets for and Jaones Watt invenetd stema negines we were a colony of London.Adma had gone to Glasgow U age 13. He went to do grad studies in Oxford age 16. He senses that professors Oxford 1750s did not care about developing youth- rather their own comforts and hriring themselves to City of London's adminstartors of rule brittannia britanni rukles the waves britains never never nevre shall be slaves. Amith advised innovative engfineers to keep away from Lodon imrpoving human lot on a contienetal scale america appealed most to him He was disappoited taht scotland could not become a united state of america (that plan alongside his moraity of market purposes would have eventually united the english speaking worldpotentally in advancing the human lot). Histiry shwos that americans sensibly tokd both uk and france that to stop controling what teade americans coudl develop 1766. And a conseuqence of thsi was Britian and Frabce rushed to control oher caostalines around african and asian continents. France consolidated takeove of med sean and west african coastal places but the british with some help from the dutch focused on control of south africa, relevant ports up the east coast of africa.. From Burban pretty much every Asian trading route could be won - to arabia, to india's west coast , to bay of bengla including idia's east costa dnsouth asia's west coast down to singapaore

the other side of sinagpore all the way up to hong kong amd...

The Brits scaled control of the sseas of the old world. Americans scaled development of usa with a mixrure of slavery and applications of engineering

Strangely when we ask the questions who loved improving engines most by mid 1800s- a strip of inner european places: switezerland gemerany, sustria, hunagary started to be world eladers with electricians, better enhgines, mathematicans. But Germany in particular did not have a colonia world to extract resources from so awkwardly the netter its enfineering knowhow the nore likely it needed to take energy and iron from plaecs around it. Meantime the greatest maths scooling ever designed was early 20th C jewish in cities across the region from Von Neuman's Budpaest ti einstein's  Munich. The whole web of greatest maths genbiuses of 20s and early 30s emigrated to usa particularly prinecton to escape hitler

This time america became the host of 100 times more tech every decade 1935 to 2035

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